Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There's Always An Ending and A Beginning

I've had so much on my shoulders and as with all of us we attract what we need to learn and grow from.

Boy did I have some lessons!!

This has been a long dark night of the soul time in my life.  So much reflection, internal shifting, changing and clearing that it's hard to know where to begin to say really.

My perspectives on so many things have changed.  Like a caterpillar shielding itself with its outer skin, going deep within for shifts, changes and emerges with wings, that's kind of how I feel.  I'm still in the "drying off stages" where the wings are new to me and I'm not sure where to light to or fly to. Creator will show me, of that I'm sure.

As I put my thoughts and feelings into a new lovely smaller home with all the things I'll need for the start of this next series of chapters, I know it is so.

There have been marvelous teachers on the way of this Journey of the Soul.  Those who knew when to aid me in my quest and those who knew when I needed their silence in order to find those roots and teathers of unneeded thought and deeply implanted ideas and beliefs in order to remove them as they needed to be. If I hadn't gone deep within the soul through all sorts of things journaling, past life regression, meditation and simple reflection and digging, these shifts and changes could not have occurred.  No one can do this type of thing for you. It must come from within with a deep desire.

It's been a long, long road over 2 years in the making on this part alone.  Life long in many aspects... Now it's time to leave the safety of the road and take to the skies...Flying with what Creator is guiding me to do and what my internal pulling is directing me to do as well.

I'll be starting a new blog for this very special part of my life, Natural Listening – Going Back to Nature is the title of it. This will be where I share some of what is going on with this facet of my life.

What I've decided to do is what my partner and I want to do together some day. The timing isn't right for that at the moment, but it doesn't prevent me from doing it for myself now, today. I've been working on the plans, land possibilities and many other things in order to go further back to Nature, further into being more with Mother Earth.

Doing this doesn't mean doing without, it means doing WITH. Doing with what the sun and wind give us every day to drive the necessities of a modern home. Doing with Nature not against Her. Using the water the heavens and earth gives and using it to the best of my abilities, putting in separate systems for grey water for the gardens etc. Creating a Union with Mother Earth and some modern conveniences is my goal.

I hope you will stop by from time to time and see what progress is being made. Thank you and as always Many Blessings, Ada

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