Thursday, January 2, 2014

Clearing Things Deep Within To Move Ahead

With every new year, many folks get psyched up and charge ahead like a bull in a china shop for the new changes. They may work towards any number of goals, but because the results aren't immediate, the energy falters. We may get very frustrated and say things like “Things just don't work for me like that” or “I've been like this for years I was stupid to try to change things now.” The self defeating mode hits high gear at times and we listen to the old tape in our heads. This is when we have to delve into ourselves and clear the energy, clear those thought patterns and behaviors to really make a difference in our lives.  Affirmations are a start, but sometimes we have to go a lot deeper. That is what this last year was about for me in many ways, clearing and healing.

This past year I had to do A LOT of clearing on really deep levels. Things that were thankfully, able to be cleared in a variety of ways. So much healing took place for me this year and really it's just now that I feel I'm really starting to recover from all that was going on for me personally in 2013.

There were some things that came to me with regard to clearings that were totally new to my ways of thinking before this past year. Oh I've smudged, used prayer, oils, etc., but some things that really needed to move out and away I found I really needed the help from others because I personally was too close to the situation to feel things properly. Opening up enough to ask for that kind of help is a biggie for this redhead. I also used crystals of various sorts for the first time this year in big ways. I've used them for little things here and there the last few years, but not really consciously, and not in the ways they were used this past year. I also went into past life regression in a bigger way. I had known for some years that past lives were true, at least for me and some others, however, delving into mine was something I hadn't done a lot of in years past. I have had memories etc., from a variety of times, however, clearing I hadn't done much of. When I found the cords to these I cut them in a variety of ways. I also delved into how our biological lineage plays an important part in who we are in this life and cleared from that vantage point as well. I hope to learn more on many of these things to help others as time passes in the future.

One other thing I did that I hadn't done before is listening over and over again to various videos, recorded radio shows and classes that I'd taken in the past. I love how one of my distant teachers says “repetition is the mother of skill!” While standard learning for our more material world has always come easily, intuitive things haven't in the past. I've really had to experientially learn as well as listen to books, radio shows, videos etc. So this last year I listened over and over and over again. Had these recordings been on old fashioned LP's I would have worn out the records LOL!

I am so very grateful that I did though. You can hear something once and inside our ego driven head, we can say “ok got it, next” but what I've found for me is that there are nuances that one can miss if you don't hear it over again. I've also found that Creator will have me listen to something and then have a similar synchronistic thing to happen in order for me to really get the lesson.

The way I view things is a bit different as I see the things I've gone through as life lessons for me personally as well as teaching tools in the future.

You aren't the only person that has gone through much in the last years. We all have, some just not as open about it and putting on a good face for things to the outside world. It isn't until we delve into ourselves and reach out to others that we can find each soul/person has their lessons, learnings and understandings to go through. Take heart Dear One, open to new ideas, thoughts and let Creator flow through you and with you as you do.

Love and Blessings Always, Ada

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