Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Creator Working Magic

Today I'm so Thank-Full!!!
My journey from Athens, TN to New England started two days ago in some ways and in others it's been much longer. Almost two weeks ago I was delayed because I had two tires blow out as I went to get something I was needing for my trip. The blowouts were within just miles of each other but thankfully the tire repair shop was there and gave me the help I needed.
I left Sunday morning, my nerves on end and I couldn't point out as to why. I just was as nervous as could be and my leaving time was delayed due to my nerves. I drove just under a hundred miles and needed to stop for the day. The A/C isn't working in the front of the motorhome and it was getting to be over 80 inside. My nerves weren't helping as I was sweating buckets. I saw a sign on the interstate saying there was a campground just a few miles ahead off of the next exit. OK I thought, this one's it.
When I arrived there it was a very hilly campground for the roads, but the spots were flat for the most part. However, my nerves were still on end as my motorhome wanted to roll a bit even in park. I couldn't sleep well that night as my spot albeit with a gorgeous view of Douglas Dam, had a slight tip and my motorhome was blocked to keep it from rolling. I finally had to assure myself of what I've been told, Trust, by Creator through various signs and went to bed exhausted.
My nerves were worse the following morning. I couldn't explain it logically. I said to myself, the last time they were this bad I had the double blow out. Well, less than 30 miles later, I had another one.
This one less than a mile from an exit on a very busy interstate highway. Here in the states the motorways can range from 55MPH and upwards. I had already been slowing from my already slower speed when I felt it go.
Thankfully I was close to the exit and inched her, (Safari is a lady motorhome) to a parking lot with a restaurant and a convenience store/gas station. Once I knew we were parked OK, I called my motorclub and help was on the way after a little bit. I'll have to admit, with all the pressures I've felt of late and all the stresses, as soon as I hung up with Ashley of my motorclub, I had a really good cry in the motorhome then and there. A short while later I had another good cry.
Since I was parked in the car park of the chain restaurant I decided that since I'd had little breakfast, now was a good time to eat and went in to order. Buddy my wonderful little dog, shared a little of my meal with me as did Noodles my 14 year old Tomcat. Noodles was already looking around and curious as to where we were now. The other cats were still in their hiding spots.
I finished my meal with only half of it eaten, sipping cold water then another good cry to relieve a little more of what was pent up inside me.
In all of that I was grateful and keep telling Creator, my Angels, my Guides and everyone “thank you!” I'm thank-full because we are all safe.
Then the gentleman arrived from the service and his aid and caring have been truly a huge series of blessings as has his office manager's caring. He sat there with me on the pavement in the shade of Safari and I told him of my nerves and the why's of the older tires. He made a call to the shop and then he lead me all the way to his shop at 20 mph so that I made it safely and having that lead after everything meant the world to me. He introduced himself as Ryan and it wasn't until hours later parked there at his shop I realized he was the owner of the shop. His lovely office manager Noreen and he guided me to a spot at their shop where I could park and and have electric for the motorhome for the night. Their wonderful kindness to a complete stranger, me, is a blessing beyond measure.
I'm thank-full because we are comfortable and able to have cooled air. I have food in my motorhome so we are able to eat. I have water so that I can have tea or water and frozen fruit. There is a water tap near by so in the morning I can have water enough to clean up.
We're safely parked and comfortable, so there is so much to be thank-full for!!
Tomorrow is another day to start and how things will go I don't know, but Creator lead me to just the right spot for what is needed in so many ways. 


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