Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Chipmunk or Was it?

Yesterday I took a walk down the old dirt road to be closer to Creator in Nature.  I was experiencing some of the after affects of releasing the energy on Sunday and it was the down of that energy release.  There are other factors as well, such as winter coming soon and my finding a home for me and the furbabies before winter.  Living in my motorhome has it's advantages but Winter weather in NH isn't one of them!

My mind needed to clear and I knew I needed to ground more.  Earlier in the day I had pulled a few Ascended Masters cards for myself and one of them confirmed what I was feeling - Get Out In Nature.  So late in the afternoon I did just that. 

The woods in this area I have felt a connection to as well as the presence of other entities.  It wasn't long before I felt energies from the original inhabitants of this land as well as a farmer who must have lived here before.  The fairies greeted me with fireflies the night I arrived.  My friend saying to me I've never seen the fireflies do this before.  I've felt the wee folk here as well as the fairies.  The animals I talk to whether they are chipmunk, owl, rabbit or any of Creators beings.  That being said, I've had a particular joy and several conversations with a few chipmunks in the area. 

As I walked down that dirt road, I was so happy to see hoof marks from a horse also having taken this path.  My jaunt took me further along the road filled with beautiful tall pines, oaks and birches all around.  As I passed the pond on the right I heard children's voices a bit in the distance.  People slowed down as they saw me and were probably surprised at seeing this tall red head on their lonely road where few cars go. 

The air changed its scent the further I went.  The greens in their various states were so soothing to my soul. 

As I came to one area I heard the sound of running water.  A sound my soul had been longing to hear.  As I peered down the hill to my left I could see the small ravine but no water.  That sound drew me to its source as my soul found its connecting point.  A few hundred yards up the road was a lovely little stream.  The sounds of the small water falls soothed my aching energy and I felt as if I had walked into a holy place. 

There was a little bridge spanning the creek.  On either side Trillium berries were bursting their bright red colours to contrast the green around me.  Caps of mushrooms on either side of the water were imitating dancers with lovely parasols in purple, orange and white.  At first I hesitated then went down the path to where I could be closer to the water.  It felt like a hallowed place.  Someone had built a little area for enjoying this spot a bit further on.  I stayed away from that area and just concentrated for a few moments connecting with Creator in this hallowed spot. 

As I started my return walk I said aloud "Creator I'm going to need some miracles on this." It felt like another release in a small burst of energy releasing to God I knew I needed help.  Back up the little hills and valleys I walked and as I did so I started saying "Thank You" to Creator for all that I saw and that was part of my life.  With deep gratitude I felt the wonder of that small stream and finding it that day. 

As I returned to the small part of the road that is paved I took delight in thinking about the stone walls surrounding many of the properties in this area.  When the original settlers moved here they imitated the hedges of their native England by building stone walls around their property from the stones they found clearing and tilling the lands.  Many of these almost ancient boundaries still exist today. 

As I was looking at the various stones in these walls I saw a glimpse of bright white light skirting around the top.  Less than two seconds later a cute little chipmunk appeared on the other side of that same stone.  I looked at this little being slightly surprised.  I then felt something and began speaking to it "Are you a real chipmunk or someone pretending to be a chipmunk?" At that moment it turned from a sideways profile and to look directly at me.  She or he reached out one tiny paw and opened her mouth with a chirp.  I grinned and said "Don't worry I won't harm you wee folk or chipmunk, I won't harm you." With that there was a high pitched squeaking sound and off into the rocks she went. 

That bright flash of light and my gut feelings have me still wondering now... "Who was that chipmunk?"

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