Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clearing The Energy Out - Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go and Let God

Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. 

Sunday was one of the most profound clearings in my personal energy I have ever experienced.  After a few moments of coming to a realization and saying to myself, Creator, my Angels and Guides "OK time to clear this out!" As I sat here in my chair, all of a sudden, downloads of information on how things connected with this energy moved through my mind and soul.  After a few minutes, I felt lighter by 20 pounds.  It was as if some huge hairy coat I had been wearing for years, decades actually, slipped off my back and shoulders and evaporated into nothing.  I could have danced if I had had the space!!!!

Sometimes we want things cleared like a flower opening one petal at a time.  Sometimes we let certain things all go the first time.  We may be clearing energy by ourselves, with a healer or counselor.  Creator and our Angels are always working with us no matter how we go about it though.  We may want it out, out, out NOW but all things in Creator's time.   Our Souls, which are always in direct alignment with hearing Creator, know when to push our being and when and how to slip that energy from our entire being and let it go.

My being an over thinker tends to get in the way of clearing my personal energy.  This is why I found that when I let things perk within my being and ask Creator "How?" wonders and miracles appear. What I did was I ended up just turning it over to Creator for the thinking part.  The results have been nothing short of astonishing and amazing for me and it took me all day yesterday to let the downloads come through and process out the energy.

When I gave up the rationalizing of things and said the other evening "OK God HOW do I clear this?" "How do I make more things happen here?" There were a few more "How" questions than that, but you get the general drift.  I then proceeded to go off to bed and let things perk as I call it.  That's when I just give it to God and My Soul Self to work it out.

Oh did it Work!  Like a few other times in my life it was absolutely amazing. 

One thing I learned a long while ago, is that anytime you clear an energy pattern, especially a deep one, you can expect physical, mental and emotional changes in yourself and sometimes your environment.  My having to take a very long nap after this joyous release makes me want to share a few things with you that you may not know.  Here is a short list of what you may experience in clearing energy at times:
  • You can experience tingling sensations in your arms, legs, neck and other areas of your body.  You can have heart palpitations.  
  • You can feel very tired shortly after a clearing and just have to take 40 winks.  
  • You may experience a bit of sadness after the high of the releasing this no longer needed energy or feel happier than you have been in ages.  
  • On the earthly side of things you may hear from someone that you have not seen in quite some time, this too is an energy release.  It's a chance to finish and release whatever emotions you may hold that are not for your highest good.
  • You may feel thirsty or hungry for certain foods
  • You may cry for what feels like no apparent reason
  • You can feel stomach upset, sweating or vision difficulties for a day or so after a clearing
Many of these things you don't read about in most of the books you may pick up and read.  I certainly didn't and some of the reactions I had experienced left me wondering.  This is why I feel you need to know it too.  This way you can "connect the dots" the next time you have a personal clearing and know that it's all natural and normal.

Love, Light and Blessings, Ada 

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