Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandfather Wisdom

Over a year ago I read for a lovely lady and her late grandfather who passed at over 100 years of age.  He was the most wonderful teacher and an amazing soul to come through.  He is a truly amazing, honorable and gracious being and I cherish the memories of the reading I was graced to give.
In that reading at the very last he said to us, in life one needs to keep the joy inside that much like a little child seeing a grasshopper in the garden.  He gave me such vivid imagery of watching a tiny one giggling over a grass hopper jumping.
That same night I was amazed at what happened...
On push mowing the center part of my garden today (about a 1/4 of an acre) I saw all the beautiful daisy like little wild flowers that had popped up. I was thinking about the old man in spirit I read for the other week how he said grand father wisdom and the joys in life to be like that of a little child. Then all of a sudden, a grasshopper appeared, right there where I was about to step. It was the ONLY grass hopper I saw today. I picked it up and perched it on my finger as we walked to where I had mown, it just looked at me as it sat on my fore finger. I sat down with it for a moment or two just watching this amazing sign come to life...Grandfather wisdom paid a visit that day. A day I had so much needed a boost in my spirits.
That day I think that wise and wonderful grandfather knew I needed that boost and am thankful still for that wonderful old teacher in Spirit. Now I give it to you to carry for today and tomorrow ♥
BTW the daisy like flowers I cut by hand and had a full sink full of flowers I cherished for over a week for.  Too precious a gift to mow over!

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day!!!
Blessings, Ada

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