Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saving a Turtle in the Middle of the Road.... Just for Today

Sometimes we run later than we would like in our day, and it gets to be a bit frustrating.  When this happens to me I do my best to step back and remember things aren't always in my time but Creator's time.  Many times in my life has being able to remember that been a great help. 

A few things this morning ran me a bit behind the schedule I had set in my head.  I sat down after doing dishes, laundry and hoovering and realized, again, that it was a schedule that was only in my head, it could be changed with a thought.  Once I did that my frustration left and I just finished up the few things I needed to do before heading out for groceries.

I'm currently living on roads that are twisty and turny, with many trees and few houses around.  Sometimes this means people drive as if they are on a race track.  Getting closer to town sometimes it's not much better even with heavier traffic.  That must be what happened to the little turtle I found in the road.  Remember Creator has ways of making things happen and had I been earlier as planned, well I wouldn't have been there to find her...

She or he was upside down in the first half of the lane I was on.  I saw her but with a car and a truck bearing down on my bumper all I could do was slow down, turn around and go back.  More looks from people as if I was a lost nutter from somewhere heretofore never heard of place.  I looked at the turtle and thought she's can't have survived that... She was upside down, blood was on the too hot pavement and she wasn't moving any of her 7 inch body.  I thought to myself at least I can move her and let her body rest.

I pulled over and parked my vehicle.  Watching for would be race car drivers, I went out and picked her up.  Much to my surprise was a wonderful big hissing sound coming from this little 7 inch snapping turtle!  YAY I thought!  She's got a chance! Her shell was cracked but the bleeding had stopped. She had a wound on her front leg but was moving as I picked her hissing fussiness up. 

When I got to the truck I looked at Buddy and thought "Oh my, he's not going to like the turtle" as he loves to bark at even feisty squirrels.  So I opened the back and cleared a little basket with an apron I had in there.  I told her to relax that I would find the safest spot. 

Not knowing the road well I have to keep an extra eye out for everything and just a few hundred yards up the road was a spot I could pull into and deposit "Ms. Turtle" safely.  As I set her down gently near a muddy area so she could have moisture coming back into her body.  The Arch Angels I called for help for her and the other four foots on these roads as I left. 

Yes, some of you may think I was heartless to leave an injured turtle in the woods near mud.  My reasons for doing this are thus: It was a Saturday afternoon and being new to the area looking for a rehab or similar in the heat of my vehicle would have killed her for sure.  Turtles may not move quickly but reptiles don't always do well under extreme stress so finding her a cooler quiet place in Nature versus possibly over stressing her even more - a certain death sentence - made more sense.  Animals are often injured in the wild and recover.  Yes some don't but some do recover.  Creator has ways with this we don't always understand.  Having rehabbed animals myself I know it's all in Creator's hands....

Now that I'm home, I was looking through my older blog posts and found this.... Somehow it seems to fit today... Blessings, Ada

Just for today
Just for today I'm going to concentrate on today.
Just me and my little part of the Universe...
Just for today I'm going to do my best not to worry about tomorrow...
I may not be perfect at it today but tomorrow is always 24 hours from now...
Just for today, I'm going to treat others as I want to be treated
 with love, kindness and compassion
Just for today, I'm going to do my best to understand that someone else may be going through a tough time...
Just for today, I'm going to I'm going to acknowledge they are just human too....
Just for today, I'm going to know I too am human and take it easier on myself...
Just for today, a little prayer I'll say for those whom I will never meet, but hurt none the less
Just for today, the person who cuts me off on my exit I'll ask for their safety in place of an explitive
Just for today, the man holding the sign "will work for food" I'll say a prayer at the very least and at the very  best give a good meal, even if it's just a sandwich
Just for today, I'll let someone close to me know how much they are loved, in words and deed
Just for today, I'll forgive myself and someone else
Just for today, I'll find some joy in my life and then share it with loving grace
And JUST FOR TODAY I'll put a little more humane in human, reaching beyond me yet within me, reaching towards the Divine...Who is always within reach today...

Blessings, Ada


  1. I would have done the same thing. If we can't find it in our hearts to help the smallest among us, what does that say about us? Besides, I heard that mud was good for injuries. Sending love and prayers to you and our turtle relative. Blessings.

    1. Oh Barb, so true! We are meant to be stewards of our world and this is just a little thing I could do today. Mud can be very good for many things, besides facials in high end spas :D
      Thank you for reading my blog & Blessings, Ada