Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Energy Buzz - Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde!!!!!

        The last few days I've been working towards focusing, focusing and yes, FOCUSING!  The cycles of the moon really do affect us and the more sensitive we are, well the more apt we are to be zapped by these influences in some way or other. 
        Normally I can focus, ground and keep going pretty well.  However, this time it has been a big zap! My sensitive friends that I have spoken with of late have mentioned it too.  It is affecting us in different ways but all of us are feeling the affects.
        You might be thinking "So this doesn't ever bother me. What's the big deal?" or "Oh hun am I feeling it too! What can I do to ease things a bit?" 
         Well, if you, like me for years, didn't believe these things affect you, I suggest you look at your personal history.  Have there been any big bumps in the company, your crew at work, traffic problems, headaches, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, nervous energy?????  Are your animals going full speed and then become lumps on the rug and don't act as they usually do? What electronic snafu's have you had the last few days, did this happen at other times and WHEN?
         "How can we help ourselves," that is the key question we can ask at this time.  Firstly we need to take stock of HOW this energy is affecting us.  I'll use my week as an example...
  1. Electrical system down for a short while and had to temporarily fix
  2. Posting images on FB was NOT happening this morning and a few other times as well
  3. My fur babies have been a bit bonkers to put it nicely
  4. Craving sweets, and I mean sweet sweets, not my usual cup of tea in that one
  5. At night I'm so tired I forget to do the regular things, my eyes are drooping far before their normal time
  6. More than normal scattered thoughts (If my thoughts were a ping pong ball on a championship table would they be!)
  7. Vertigo, as if the room and area outside is off just a few degrees
  8. Feeling the need to ground and shield more than normal
         So what does one do?   The first thing I do is relax about it and let the frustrations go.  Sometimes I do this with a guided meditation or a walk outside with Buddy or alone.  This helps us to put our energy in a different place very easily.  I practice shielding as often as I feel something cropping up in the emotional category and ask my Guides and Angels for backup too. 
        This is an energy transforming time so if my body feels like it's drooping and I can rest, I take 5 minutes or so and just close my eyes and rest.  If I can't rest I gather my internal energy and give it a little push with the help of Mother Earth and the connection there (we all have this by the way). 
        The cravings I give into a little bit on the healthiest way I can do so.  Home made bread and a bit of real jam or a small piece of something I've made.  Hey it's not all that bad to have this.  Those cravings are there for a reason and perhaps your body needs something the craving represents.  I choose fruit or similar normally but if my body is craving I feed that knowing I can transmute what is needed and the rest will work itself through.
        Shielding when I'm near others or even talking to someone on the phone is a very big need right now.  I do this every time as soon as I feel the need.  Just picturing a wonderful bubble around me in whatever colour I need keeps all the energy flowing the right way. 
        These things I hope have helped you a little bit.  I know it's helped me today to share them with you!  I'm off now to take a wee walk and then get back to writing a bit more.

Blessings and have a great day

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