Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's not the date that counts, but the feeling....Our Thanks Giving Day today

    Today was my, or better yet, our Thanks Giving Day.  I know for many today is Pearl Harbor Day, but for me and mine it is Thanks Giving Day because well we couldn't have our day “on the date” because the power was out, and stayed out until Friday evening, the 28th.  By that time and the weekend time remaining it was catch up time for me.  Catch up with friends, family, and household duties that otherwise were unable to be done because of no power available.  For me no power also meant no water... Not the easiest time to fix a big meal and then clean up, right?
    So why today? Why not forget about it and just skip it?
    For me it is a Ceremony that takes on more meaning tonight than that day usually does.  Today I AM thank-full we could eat a lovely turkey meal – Turkey, dressing with roasted carrots and parsnips – YUM!  Today it felt right. 
    Last night I realized in the bottom of my frig was the little bird I had bought just before the storm, not realizing what was to come.  The date was clear and if not now, then it either went into the freezer or needed to be tossed out.  Food and money for food having been so precious to me over the last few years, the last option was NO option. 
    So last night into the crock pot my youngest daughter gave me went the turkey.  Yes it was a bit of a squeeze.  Even with my buying the smallest bird I could find it was still like trying to put a size 8 bum into a size 3 pair of jeans.  (I know I've tried that, let's just say breathing and bending were serious issues that day) However, with putting the bird on high for an hour, it reduced down enough for me to close the lid and set it on low for the night. 
    When I awoke this morning turkey cooking scented the air.  As Mr. Weasley dozed mid morning I opened the lid and looking over saw his little pink nose wake enough to sniff the air in expectation.  That orange Tabby still doesn't miss a thing at ten years old!  Noodles was perched next to the crock pot most of the day.  I could say it was for warmth but honestly I think at fourteen he still has the anticipation of a kitten at times!
    Just after noon I turned the machine off and let it cool a bit.  I tasted it to make sure all was ok by just pinching off a small bit at the front.  All was good.
    As I sat here late this afternoon many thoughts filled my head and heart.  Gratitude for many things floated through my mind.  It may be colder than I would like, but we are warm enough in Safari.  It may not be what I had envisaged for my first New Hampshire winter in 35 years, but we have a place, food, warmth, clean clothes, kitty and puppy cuddles galore as well.  What more could I really need tonight?
    After feeding the babies their nightly treat, I started on my meal as usual.  When I put together the dressing and veggies for the oven, I turned on the crock pot for a while.   The scent began wafting through Safari again.  Noodles nose twitched.  As I dished out my meal, Buddy's eyes widened and he gave me some serious butt wiggles in anticipation and excitement and all feline eyes were glued to what Momma was doing.  Noodles being the biggest hurdle to getting my meal actually on the plate with him trying to get into it first!
    Sitting down I held the plate for a moment and Thanked Creator for such a wonderful meal and everything that went into it.  I thanked those who grew the veggies, the points I could think of as my feline felonious assault team began to close in on me and my plate.  Buddy just watched from his comfortable spot on the settee.  Midway through my meal as I ate slowly, I had to change seats so that I could finish due to cats invading my territory and attempting to invade my plate as well.  OH they think I'm a softy they do!
    As I finished the slow comforting meal, I divvied up the last of the turkey into small feline and canine portions.  Then each fur baby had their nibbles.  It is a time one cannot help but share with those one loves and my fur babies were naturally there to share. 
    Now we are each reclining, dozing or just relaxing when as it should be.  Yes for us it is Thanks Giving Day... There is so much to give Thanks For, we made it, and the best is yet to come.

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