Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Card for Jimmy

When I was first understanding my gifts and abilities as a psychic medium I still ran a small swimming pool company. At that point in my life I really had not fully understood how these abilities would change my life and how they could help others so very much. My day to day activities of my family consisting of my three teenage daughters and running the pool business kept me very busy. I didn't realize that once the doors opened a little that Creator would start using me as a tool, even while doing pool work.

For almost two years I had worked with two wonderful people. There was always a distance and sadness about this lovely couple and having never wanted to pry into their life, I simply did my job and let the feelings of sadness only occasionally wander into my being. They were leaving for a new job post in a few days and this was my last visit to them as the managers of this little resort I cleaned pools for twice weekly.

It was because of this that I stopped and picked up a card for their departure. I meant it to be a “Bon Voyage’ type of card but what I settled on was far from that. The card I finally found had frogs on it and said “Always keep smiling... It makes people wonder what you're up to.” on the inside. It took me a little while longer than I had wanted to settle on the card, but for some reason I chose this particular card. As I would soon learn I had a little help from someone in the Spirit Realm helping me that day with my selection. Setting off on my forty five minute drive I just felt good about having picked that card. I kept feeling it would make them smile.

After my work was finished, I then went to their office to have brief chat and say “good bye,” however that isn't the way Creator intended things to go. They were both busy with their duties and unlike most days I was there, too busy for me to interrupt and tell them what I needed to for the next few days on the system. So I just left the card on her desk and waved good bye with a smile.

After I reached my pickup I checked to make sure all was secure in the back and my tools and equipment were as they needed to be for the drive to the next destination. For some reason I double checked a bit more that morning. As I was about to get in and start the engine, Jeannie the manager came out and waved me down. Thinking something was wrong I got out and as I came closer I saw she had tears starting welling up in her eyes, and in her hand was my card.

I asked if she was all right to which she nodded said that she was. “What made you pick out this card this morning?” she asked “You have no idea what you’ve just done!” She was so happy with tears in her eyes. A bit surprised I told her of my picking it out in the store and it taking me a bit longer than I would normally do. There was just something about that card that I knew would bring a smile to her face I told her. I also let her know how it just felt like the right one.

She then said it was just like a little plaque she used to keep on her desk before her son passed. He’d given her that plaque with the exact wording in the card. She said “It's the same words and even the frogs!” “He gave that plaque to me just a few months before he died” she said. She mentioned how she had it in storage but couldn't bring herself to ever put it on her desk as it made her so sad to do so.

As she finished I started to feel a presence coming in with my energy. In my mind I started talking to him and then aloud for him. In my mind saw a young tall and thin male, late teens or early twenties and I kept hearing “Jimmy, Timmy or Jim.” He was blonde with curly hair and a big sweet grin. He was on the thin side and full of life and joy, just as he had been in life.

As I conveyed to Jeannie that I was hearing and seeing someone called “Jim, Jimmy or Timmy” she got a bit white and her eyes misted more. The message I started to convey was truly a “Bon Voyage” in more ways than I could ever have expected. Jimmy told me everything I needed to know about his accidental death at such a young age. He told me of the family troubles with his dad, mum and siblings since his passing. He showed me how much an accident it all was and told me to tell his mum he never felt a thing. I could see a revolver, which for me means a shooting accident. He was very strong and insistent on that point. He kept telling me “Tell her I didn’t feel a thing!” and showed me is spirit leaving his body just as the danger and bullet hit.
He told me how no matter what she told her other son, Jimmy's brother, he would not yet be willing to understand or accept the message he was conveying through me. He also said that he had been following his parents through all their ordeals from his Dad's depression and job change to his mum's trying to hold everything together and feeling as if she were failing. He gave me the feelings of such grief, sadness, disjointedness to life and much more. So many things he said and I conveyed that late morning gave Jeannie the proof she needed that indeed it was Jimmy and he really was OK. So much he told me and all the while his mum tried to hold back the tears.

That was the first time I felt that deep catharsis from this process of mediumship I was born with. The deep connection of healing from another soul, his mum, Jeannie. Her tears were of joy. I'll never forget that deep relief and joy that was radiating from her. She asked me if I “did this often” and I told her no that it was something until recently I had kept well hidden for many years. She said to my “I’m so very grateful that you decided to stop hiding it because I would never have had the relief in my heart you have given me if you hadn’t.” Then I had tears because I knew she spoke from the heart. We hugged and said our good byes.

Over a year later I was in Knoxville shopping with two of my daughters when I bumped into Jeannie and her husband again. She saw me and was all smiles. Her words were in so many ways music to my ears as she told me that what had happened that day, over a year before, had transformed everyone in her family. Eventually even her older son was able to come to understand the message through their understanding and joy filled relief. She told me too, that they now had the ability to regain a stable life that before had left them with the tragic passing of their youngest son.

We never fully know how Creator will use us as His “pens of life” it can like I do with my work or a simple smile by anyone to uplift another's day. We all have Service to give and in many different forms. No matter what form it is you can give, just know in some way you can make another's life a little better. That day Creator chose to use me through a wonderful young man in Spirit helping me pick out just the right card.

Love and Blessings, Ada

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