Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year of 2015 - More Magic and Miracles

HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2015 To ALL of you who read this...Namaste..

The year of 2014 was numerologically a 7 year and indeed for me personally it was a year of building my faith on many levels. My faith in myself as well as Creator and Creator's plans for me and my life. Like many of you, I too have often wished that there was a road map, a guide book or some tool somewhere that would show me the steps to go in life. Sometimes it feels like we so very much want a Guide rope to follow along the paths of life so we don't slip. Indeed that is part of what my work is about helping others to see and know what may be on the horizons for them in the near future.
The funny thing about being a psychic is that we rarely get the vision for ourselves that we can tune into for others. It is a wonderfully interesting paradox and we too often wish for that map, guide book or guide rope along our way.

That was me during 2014 because so much of my life had felt like turmoil but in essence it was Creator working backstage Miracles in my life. Everything from my gut feelings leading me to join an amazing group of mostly women online, and who now I do truly consider some of them Soul Sisters, to my amazing journey in both the physical and the Soul with my driving half way across country. So much of 2014 was miracles big and small, truly life changing events on various scales.

We've brought in the year 2015 now. Some of us greeted it with a bang and bubbly, some of us with sound sleep knowing the new year would come whether we greeted it traditionally or not. This year of 2015 is a year of 8 numerologically. Eight is the infinity sign sideways. Eight is a number of prosperity and abundance and that can come in all forms of our lives. Whatever form it comes in for any of us, it all comes from our connection with Creator.

To me personally, this year of the 8 also is a tremendous year to be Great-Full. I've reached 50 years of age and at times in the year past, that to me is a huge blessing or blessings. I'm Grate-full for the loving care of The Creator and all that I've been lead to learn and come to know. I'm Grate-full for those now in my life as well as those who have passed through my life in many ways.

This Year of 2015 we have opportunities each of us to make it extraordinary in both large and small ways. Each little thing we do of service be it a smile or paying it forward makes it extraordinary. Each something we do to aid some other Being on Mother Earth is an opportunity to bring abundance in some form too. We each have also opportunities to receive because in receiving we allow the flow of Creator's Universal Being to move through us in so many ways. Whether it is help on the roadside or a lift up in our mood at the moment it is the Flow of Creator working through each of us in any given situation.

There is no abundance with out the giving and receiving and the flowing of whatever energy it takes. We each have a part in this and allowing this to be truly a year for allowing the fluidity of Miracles and Magic to transpire wherever we go....


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