Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lighter, Brighter and Fluffy - Like Snow

This evening I caught myself with words and feelings that were not so positive regarding the weather. It's snowing in New Hampshire right now, and probably will be all night. As I opened the door to look out into the darkness, I saw against the lights snow fluffy, white and falling. I began thinking of this in not the greatest of ways as perhaps many others do too when the snow first starts to fall. Then I turned and stopped, realizing what I was doing....

Every word, every thought and every feeling we give off affects our Being. Just like every snowflake falling tonight adds to the accumulations of snow, so do does every thought we have add to the layers of energy we cloak ourselves in on a daily basis. It is said that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day on average. Everything we do starts as a thought... Where are my keys, pocket book, wallet... Was the dog fed this morning? Did I turn off the coffee pot? The coffee is too hot/cold/sweet/strong/weak... You name it, there is a thought and feeling behind it... Sixty thousand thoughts a day adds to an amazing layer during the week!

What if each of these layers affects us in some way? That is exactly what does happen and over time our mind/body/Soul connection starts to feel it and show it.  One way or the other, it shows.  

What do you think would happen if we have too heavy a layer of snow? Things get difficult for travel, electricity, internet, and much more. If the snow layer is light it just fluffs around the next day and doesn't drag anything down with it. So too are our thoughts and feelings – what we believe. If we choose lighter, brighter more positive thoughts – the layer is lighter. We move more easily, our energy is better, our body feels lighter.

Tonight I realized I had to change this feeling of “GRRRR Snow, cold, ick” into something better. I knew as I stood there halfway into my turning around, this too had to shift. So I started remembering being a little girl in Penacook, my home village. The house on the hill with the great back yard and my sled ready to go with the first good snow. My parents' dismay to learn I had taken a few pans of water out to make that sled run even faster with ice than snow. Then I thought of my red hair and that bright grape purple snow suit my parents bought me! I hang my head now at the fashion coordination there and laugh. A red haired zipped up Purple snow torpedo you could have mistaken for a Purple Dinosaur prototype with red hair!

So OK it's snowing, it's cold outside, life goes on. My cats are enjoying my lap. Buddy is waiting for me to finish typing so we can go for walkies. I'm feeling lighter, brighter thinking of those times when my sled and I made my parents' shake their heads. I'm laughing because I taught my girls to sled too using old boxes covered in plastic and whoosh down our hill in the back. Old Pool liners make great sled covers...

Maybe tomorrow I'll build my first snow man or snow something in decades. I can put my artistic talents to work that way!  The last time I did something like that was when my children were little!!!! If I do I'm going to take pictures to send them and smiling!

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