Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Signs From Creator - The Eight Legged Kind

It is winter in NH and I live in a motorhome at the moment... and the Weavers (aka Spiders) have shown up again.... Thank You my Wonderful Totem Guides! It took me a long while to understand their meaning in my life.

When I was little spiders terrified me. Not teeny tiny ones but ones that were larger than a dime of 5 P piece. They followed me. There were times in my life that spiders would seemingly come out of no where and just be around me. I know spiders are around and they are everywhere but it to me it was always so odd that they arrived in such ways.

I remember making my bed as child of about 8 and lifting up my huge stuffed tiger toy to put on my bed and under it was a big brown spider the size of a quarter. Thinking back it was probably a Wolf Spider as they tend to be ever so keen to follow me around. Well, I did the girlie thing and screamed loud so that my parents heard me downstairs and Dad came on the run. Poor Dad, a little out of breath and that look on his face “OK she's a girl” was so plain as I pointed to this spider from atop my four poster bed. I left the room for a minute as soon as he arrived. He flipped the spider outside my window and gave me the all clear. I came back in to finish making my bed all the while double checking each and EVERY stuffed toy before it was put on the bed. It took me twice as long as normal that day making my bed.

Fast forward over 20 years. I'm working with swimming pools every day. Cleaning out baskets and all that can be in them. (There can be a LOT of wiggly squiggly things in baskets let me tell you!) Sometimes the baskets containing many spiders would be flung into the lawn, gently but away then went...bowling ball style. I didn't go to kill them as I've always had a reverence for all life, but I was not about to pick up some of those and be gentle at that point!

Then one day in late fall was this gorgeous green, blue and white tree spider in a skimmer basket. She was half dead from cold and water. Here I am standing there, the last pool of the day in early afternoon and I'm staring at this being that any other day would have made me roll the basket I looked at her for so long admiring her size – almost the palm of my hand – and how each and every hair and colour seemed to be just perfect. . Her beauty was amazing...but she wasn't moving.

As weird as it may sound I knew if I didn't get her legs moving her heart would not beat as spiders have a unique circulatory system. For some reason I was determined this spider, almost the size of my palm had to live. I started moving each of her legs in succession, spider style. I blew on her breathing tubes at the side. Yes, I did Spider CPR... After about 20 minutes she started to move on her own again albeit slowly. At that point I took her to a tree as she was an arboreal spider, and released her.

A short while later I mentioned this to two friends, one a Native American and the other who was interested in a variety of things. I also mentioned my fear of spiders seemed to have disappeared with that act. This is when I was told about animal totems. That some of Creator's other Beings are part of our Guide system and we all have animal Spirit Guides too. I was given a book to look up spiders and other animals as Totem Animals.

After reading the passages it all made sense. It was like a light bulb went off in my whole being. No wonder these Great Weavers followed me everywhere. Ours was the only yard with webs EVERYWHERE in the fall. I would have spiders in and on my vehicles, descending down from the ceiling, swinging in their webs when I came by, as well as running across my path too often to leave me in doubt.

The Great Weavers... They show us about weaving in our lives and about weaving our life. They help to show us patterns. There are many myths and legends from a variety of cultures I have read over the years. It's amazing how so much has been written about these amazing and mystical Beings.

To me personally they always mean good things are coming into my life. Changes for the positive are on their way for me.

Now, in NH in the middle of winter, I've had two lovelies come to me one dancing on her web right in front of me as I was in deep thought and then meditation. The other on my bed, just a tiny one as I was getting my bath bag together the other day for my shower. I gently let her climb my hand sending her emotionally calming energy as I did. She ascended my hand and I slowly brought her to the corner are of my bedroom to find a “good place for a while” I thought to her. Off she jumped and away she went.

I thanked her and The Great Weaver of Life as some call the Guide to these amazing Beings. I thanked Creator for the sign and went on with my day a bit more deep in thought.

What they mean exactly I do not know other than good things are on their way.

Signs come in all shapes and forms. Creator talks to us every day if we just listen to the signs.

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