Sunday, January 4, 2015

The No Longer Poor House Within

The No Longer Poor House...

As I was cleaning the last of the last out of my old home, it dawned on me how much I had and yet always in that house I felt so very poor. The key word is felt. I was rich beyond my earlier dreams really but in that house, all fourteen rooms (yes 14 rooms) I had always felt poor. 

From before I signed on the dotted line over ten years ago, I had strongly felt I really couldn't afford that house by myself. I was wrong of course in some ways but that house had tremendous lessons for me within its walls as well as it's almost 2 acre garden area. In some ways I was right because energetically I had set the precedent before ever moving one book, box or bobble into that massive 3400 square feet of space. It was a precedent of thought and more importantly emotion that constituted the flow in that house. In other words I set the energy tone for me and the house in some ways before I ever really moved in with my family.

The two car garage held about half of the things I had that remained. Over half of it was taken up by those vintage and somewhat antique possessions. Yet I had always felt lack in that house, poor in other words. 

At one time the over 18 feet of book case and cabinet below had been filled to the brim with books, games, chachkas and all manner of things bought. Yet my feeling deep within resided there as well as those books collecting dust upon the shelves. 

At some point, I'm not certain as to where, both I and that house became a massive mental and physical wreck as I couldn't keep anything organized or clean. My energy drained in every facet of that house probably from the intent I set all those years before. 

In that house though I had been a very rich woman in all reality. Why do I say that? Simple, if I were to take anyone from a village in China, South Africa, Nicaragua, The Appalachians or a native american reservation here in the US, they would have thought I lived like a queen. I had four bathrooms and five bedrooms always at my disposal. I had running water in each as well. There were facilities to do everything from washing and drying my laundry to having the dishes washed by machine. My appliances were not state of the art but things stayed cold and who wouldn't dream of two refrigerators just a few steps apart! 

But to me, I think of it as the No Longer Poor House because to me it was where I was given so many lessons the last of all the amazement of how rich I really am. 

As I learned from an amazing teacher, lack or feeling poor is really a feeling or many feelings we have within ourselves. What we broadcast out we receive back like watching the wave of a pepple after we toss it into a little pond. I learned I'm not poor, I AM rich in everything. I have a beautiful motorhome, my fur babies, my loved ones, water, food, electricity and so much more. Things don't really make us rich, it's something from within. 

Energy of our being is something within. In that house I learned more about my mediumship abilities and other abilities than in all the thirty plus years before. In that house I learned so much about energy in so many forms it would take a book to write most of it down. In that house I learned to really allow myself to decorate with my imagination. There I also learned to some degree the art of letting go and letting God. It was also learning about intentions, feelings, shielding, and so much more. 

I know as I write this there are still elements of that thinking I have to dispel for my own benefit and possibly others as well. Clearing my energy and really taking in the wonderment of what Creator gives me/us in all things is part of this. I know as I can feel it I have more work to do in this area and work I will do gladly. 

But why did I set that intention when I first bought the house? Perhaps it was my soul knowing lessons were on the way. Perhaps my inner being that soul self knew I had many things to clear that were lying deeply within my being needed to be raised to the surface, dealt with and dismissed to have more of a future in which I can be of service. 

With all that house held for me and the marvelous teachers from afar that I was guided to by Creator to me is nothing short of miraculous. The latest of which opened doors for me on so many levels, there for me are no words only feeling that can express my deepest appreciation and gratitude. Creator works in amazing ways.

A VERY Special Thank You
to ALL those who have helped Guide and Teach with Love....

Kelly Chamchuk of Lumasoul, Cassandra Bowen, LuAnn, Laurie, Eveline, DL and ML, Kathy V.,
My Fellow Flow-ers
My Fellow “Cooks”

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