Friday, September 4, 2015

The Gift

The Gift

Sitting here this morning, looking out the windows to watch the sun's dancing light against the tall pine trees encircling the ponds I think of how today like every other day is truly a gift. Unfortunately sometimes it takes our losing someone to death to bring this reality back home to us. Perhaps it is age too that brings this awareness to us even more. At this point in the morning I'm really not sure but know for me personally how my thoughts have changed in this over the years.

The first time I can really recall it was the scare I had with odd lumps growing in my body. That was twenty years ago now. After over a year of my watching them and then many months of my doctor watching them as well surgery was recommended. A path report to follow. I remember those days and praying like mad as my girls weren't even teenagers then. Even though I was newly married at the time, the relationship I knew was not a good one and my girls, my beautiful little girls was all I thought of with those prayers. The prayers were answered in a very positive fashion. I was blessed to raise my girls. Thankfully I was able to leave that marriage and again my girls were my impetus for doing so.

Today I'm sitting here, after so many changes in my life just grateful for a hot cup of tea, a comfortable robe warding off the chilly air, and the sun rise. My neighbor's black cat is peering out the window at me and I catch myself smiling. Oh how that little one looks like my beautiful Onyx Louise. I still miss that little girl cat, the mother of the Great BW.

Life we work with and through every single day, but every day holds its blessings. Waking up and moving around are blessings. Hot cups of tea and electricity to make it are blessings.

So much of my life I allowed fear to overshadow those simple blessings. Fears that really emanated from my not knowing or understanding the connection we all have to the Creator. Fears of all types sprang up in my life. How much energy and time I wasted with fears? Too much, far, far too much.

They are right those mystics of the past and present. Count your blessings each day, those little and big things of life to be grateful for. Stop searching to make the day perfect when it already is perfect. It started, we're in it, thankfully we're in it.

Already my day hasn't “gone to plan” but that's all right. My plans and Creator's are often different. There are things I need to change and that comes down to my personal choice, Creator's guiding hand and today.

We have today and isn't that an amazing gift!

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