Friday, October 14, 2016

Spirit's Visit Through a Little Deer

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had this amazing beautiful miracle happen. My neighbor Brenda knocked on my door and she said "Hi I have something I to show you!" I called out I'd be there in a second...I walked out and she said to me "I know how much you'll appreciate this..." as we walked around the front of Safari, there in plain sight was a young male deer, two small points on his antlers, and one LOVELY bright pink ribbon around his neck. He had just come straight up to Brenda as she was reading and enjoying her morning coffee.
I called to him from a crouching position so that he could smell me and from that position I let him know I was not going to harm him... With my mind I kept repeating "it's OK little guy..." He came straight over to me and sniffed me, then to my surprise he sniffed my face and gave me big kisses. I stroked him and realized someone had rescued him from a babe the way he had the pink ribbon on and also his behaviour. Rutting season starts soon here too I realized.
As I stroked him and Brenda and I talked, both almost in tears from this beautiful miracle before us, I sent him messages of staying where it's safe and telling his kind to also come here in this area. There's no hunting here on these many acres you see.
After a few minutes I went in and gave him a few bits of apple to show him it was safe here. He nibbled the apple and once again kissed my nose and face. Off he walked so beautifully....Brenda and I did take pictures of our miracle encounter she was so gracious to share....
Some may say I've done harm, but I heard the words today "When you have no thoughts of harm towards yourself or others..."
Today I asked the Angels to keep a watch for these beauties and guide them to here, a safe haven in this area.... A ring of Angels all around...
All day I've felt so touched by Grace with this....

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