Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Little Morning Connection Magic

This morning I woke up at what my oldest brother would have termed “O’dark thirty.” My first chores of the morning are always tea for myself and breakfast for my feline crew. They have to wait for mum to have a good cuppa before breakfast however they may watch and not so silently complain sometimes. It’s the only way to ensure I’m awake enough to get it right and not trip over a tail twitching on the floor.

As I sit here with my tea, watching out the windows, I give thanks to the Creator for everything in my life. Every morning warm tea, warming my hands, bringing me around to a more functional me and being so thankful for just being here another day. This morning as I sat here I felt something more though, I noticed a little difference, a little shift if you will.

It’s not only me in here that is so very grateful for the warmer air. Early on as I sat here with my tea, I opened the window in my living room area, immediately I noticed my fur cats pick up as the twilight was upon us, the sounds of birds filled our space. Their energy brightened as mine was doing this morning and they helped me make the deep down connection within. As I watched the darkness give way over the hill in front of me, so too did the birds begin singing to greet their new day.

Slowly the silhouette of hills gave way to the light rising over them. The clouds, thin and dark contrasting the light coming underneath of them in that wee early hour. Then not just an epiphany but an all over deep understanding of why. Why I feel so closed off when the cold strikes and I have to close the blinds and curtains, battening down our hatches if you will against that cold winter air. “Yes,” I thought to myself, “I feel more disconnected from nature and her beings.” Inside me, my soul was delighting with the caw of the crows, the tweets and full throated songs coming from all the littler birds. I took joy in hearing the distant roosters crowing their morning salutation.

We may think we live on a blue ball in space, but the reality is we live with that blue ball in space. Everything and everyone has a connection with it and to it. Therefore, we have a connection with one another too.

Now as true light appears giving the thin strip clouds their golden edges to the beautiful blue-grey from their suspended place, I see the first of the squirrels descending from their nests. Skittering over branches that would make all but the bravest of tightrope walkers hesitant and jealous. I could feel their eagerness to get down and begin their morning for food and socializing. Their enthusiasm with the warmer temperatures radiating from them.

No wonder I feel so cut off when the extraordinary cold hit. But now I know I can hold onto this moment to teach me that all I have to do is reach out past the shuttered windows with my senses. Something I’d done earlier in my life instinctively but now I can hold onto it with more conscientious intention. This for me has been beautiful connection and true magic in the morning.  

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