Thursday, January 11, 2018

It's all in a Dream

Near the end of this year will make 40 years since my first memorable dream visitation.  Soundly my 14 year old ginger head lay sleeping just around two weeks after my father's passing.  Then the miracle happened. 

My father walked into my small apartment bedroom.  The walls were mostly transparent but for the the glow of the corners and shading of the rest.  Dad stood there, just as he had in life, only more real, more alive and oh how wonderful it felt to see Daddy again!  I lay there in my dream looking at Dad and hearing his voice so astonished!  The next thing I'll never forget.  He said "Well, at least I know you can hear me now" as he smiled broadly. 

For how long we talked I don't know.  We walked around the apartment a little and I was so surprised no one was up but us.  It was so vivid and so real that he was there.  What exactly we talked about I truly cannot remember now.  I do know that if I need to remember it will come back to me some how. 

This memory I cherish more so now than I did all those years ago in some ways.  Still I remember how I tried so very hard at breakfast sitting around the old formica and chrome table to tell my mother and oldest brother Dad had visited.  I was feeling so charged and happy with his visit!  It's so typical that when we do have dream visitations they leave us feeling so light and happy as I learned many years later. 

My family tried to reason it all away as so many do.  In the days that followed I turned quiet about my dream so as not to rock the boat in the house as I was all too familiar with at the time.  However, I still remained very happy every time I thought about that visit, which was often. 

You see, in that wonderful visitation my father gave me all those years ago, he gave me something more than just a brief visit.  He gave me a wonderful gift.  He now knew and was happy about my abilities.  He acknowledged in "Well at least I know you can hear me now" that one little sentence, with that nonchalant grin was my first confirmation of my mediumship abilities from my father.  It's also something we all wish from our parents and don't often receive - loving approval. 

So from beyond the veil, with a wonderful smile, Dad showed me the benefits of being able to hear him now. 

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