Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Easel - A Mother's Day Gift for Always

One of the Best Mother's Day Gifts

Over a decade ago my daughters gave to me one of the best Mother's Day gifts I've ever received and I still have it today.
It had been several months since I'd left my second husband and money was tight. Being a colder start to spring meant that my pool business, our livelihood was slow. The previous Autumn we had moved into an old farm house and on the grounds were an old barn as well as other remnants of buildings that had stood a century before.
My working hours were long and my girls knew that I didn't have the means to give them extra for Mother's Day gifts that year. I told them not to worry about it and just to make me a card or something similar. Oh did they surprise me!
I didn't know it at the time, but they had been exploring the property when I had been away at work. We had explored part of the barn together and realized that at one time that property had also sold flowers, plants and other things a typical farm and hot house might sell in days gone by. They in their explorations however had made further discoveries.
Mother's Day came after a long and grueling week of work. I was up about my normal time and had had coffee to hand. The last few days I hadn't been allowed in one of the bedrooms my girls occupied. I had decided to take the sofa bed when we moved in as they needed their privacy more than I did. They took advantage of that fact with my surprise.
They had me cover my face that day. Their surprise all ready. I couldn't figure out what they were up to as I knew that they hadn't had the necessary to buy anything and hadn't been anywhere but school and back. What I hadn't counted on was their resourcefulness, talents and ingenuity.
In the living room they had placed beautifully decorated an old easel they had found in the loft of that old barn. They had taken some of my sand paper and taken the little bits of rust off that old iron easel. They had made flowers decorated it each in their own wonderful ways. They made me cards with their clever hands with more love than my heart could hold. They told me how they had found it and it was a joint effort to bring that big heavy easel down that rickety loft ladder. They talked about being scared of bugs, critters and heights getting it down. But down they brought it and had cleaned and tidied it up, just for me. I began crying happy tears.
They knew how much I loved to draw and paint you see. One of the things I had wanted for many years was a real easel to be able to sit and paint outside or inside. They knew it had been one of my dreams and they brought it into being that day.
Over the years since that easel has had little use, but has been one of my most cherished possessions. When all the hoopla of the last couple of years came to a head this last Autumn and Spring, I decided that that was one of the few things I was going to take with me, one way or the other. I've made myself a promise you see. A promise to let the distractions of life that held me so tightly over the years float away and take more time to enrich my life. Using that easel more often will do just that.
I'm going to paint more and write more. I'm going to enjoy more and do more on a Soul level. I'm giving myself permission to read more and learn more. I'm giving myself permission to do the things I've always wanted to do but never taken the time to do. I'm giving myself permission to do the things that fill my soul more and enjoy my life as I work with The Creator more and more in understanding this.
Many thanks to my three beautiful daughters as that easel is going to be well used.... It's still one of the best Mother's Day Gifts Ever.....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Water, Colour and Energy

Water, Colour and Energy

Creator has been having me really learn about energy the last few years. I don't mean the kind you get from your electrical socket. I mean the kind that is in everything, everyone, and what emanates from people, animals, crystals, colours, plants, so very much I've been learning! This has been a strong and deep set of lessons in many ways. To me this is the “practicals” part of what I academically knew, but experientially am learning more in depth.
Sometimes when you are a bit stressed and in the middle of things you would rather not have to do, you don't see all of the big picture... That is/was my case, that oooops moment there.
The other day after the water leak(s) were (THANK YOU GOD/CREATOR!!!) finally fixed I woke up after having listened to one of the programs I have on energy the night before. It dawned on me then as I woke up, energy... water = emotional energy that is unresolved. As I semi sat there in bed I realized that the mirrors in the motorhome ALL could reflect one another AND my moods as I slept. The big one behind the bed, the ones in the bathroom all were creating a reflection at/to the water inlet! I also realized that although the bedding that came with the motorhome is LOVELY in colour and design, it has a very frenetic and somewhat chaotic pattern to it - NOT GOOD for someone doing their best to keep and bring calm into things in their life. As soon as I'd had a cuppa, I took the bedspread and shams off and folded them so that colour and pattern didn't show. I then heard my inner voice connection say to get the rose and cream quilt out of the storage bin and on the bed. So I did. As soon as I put it on and stepped back looking at it I heard "Everything's coming up roses" a la Ethel Mermen! I also felt an immediate shift of energy with the change.
To me that was absolutely amazing!!!!
Over the years I have felt the energy in people and animals change and shift often. I've painted rooms in my former home to “change the vibration” and bring in another more healing energy, but this really made me pay attention to the immediacy of things. When I work with clients helping to clear their Chakras I'll often experience with them the lightening of their being when something has cleared. So knowing the changes and shifts in energy can and do occur, this was bringing it to another level of recognition!
After my morning tea and a bath, I also sat down for the first time in ages and journaled out my feelings the last few weeks. It took a while. Deep within me there were feelings of frustration (not just from the plumbing) as well as resentment. I will be honest here and put that to my higher soul self that resentment was akin to what a child might radiate if it didn't get what he or she wanted. That pouty, irritated “but I want it” kind of energy that I knew had to go! When I felt this I remembered the words of a wonderful teacher from a far “I breathe out my desire and I breathe in Creator's desire” as well as “ This or something better in accordance with my highest good.” So I knew this situation was indeed for my highest good. Like you there are times I might not see things as they are presented and only after reflection can I see the positives of that situation no matter how hard I am trying once I am in the throws of it.
This kind of journaling I don't think about, I just write what comes through, which I know is my heart and soul talking. After several cups of tea and pages written, my energy I noticed was definitely shifting! That lightening and alive feeling was flowing in more and more. Those shifts and changes are so vital in our growing process and sometimes they are more pronounced than others. Taking the time to write things down either with pen and paper or through computer is absolutely one way to help you move through the clutter of one's mind and strait to working your way into the heart of soul situation.
After my writing, I stopped and took a good look and FEEL of my motorhome. The energy definitely needed tweaked! I felt each section,looking at it overall situation from an energetic not human standpoint to see what I received impression wise. I've taken the dark greens of my throw pillows out of the motorhome and left only the jade green ones and the pink ones as well. It no longer feels crowded, how interesting. My bedroom now has pinks/lavenders/purples and blues to it, not a bit of green at the moment!
Since that day, I've had more energy, I've also been able to think more clearly, organize myself more and feel more relaxed. This is so very interesting on so many levels. As I said earlier, the in depth practicals of what I've been taught these last many years.
Creator works with us in many ways. I'm glad Creator is having me experience this now. The lessons may not always be easy, but the learning is miraculous!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spirit Lead

This is a journey and an adventure for me. A journey in faith, spirit as well as physically. When it started I cannot be certain of the time. My lessons in energy in its various forms has been years in the making. This all encompassing trek the latest chapter.
Most of you reading this will probably think I'm as mad as a hatter for doing what I'm about to do, and at times I've thought so as well. That being said, sometimes we have to step out of the normal ways of thinking and doing things and grasp the solution that seems like the oddest one in the lot and go with it. That is pretty much what I have done.
As some of you may know, last year I lost my former home to foreclosure. So many of us have had this happen and it continues to happen to so many albeit the news no longer considers this an important headline. Thankfully in my case Creator was “working overtime” and solutions began happening shortly after the foreclosure.
Watch what Creator can do when you put your mind to things and know what you need and/or want and it tunes in with your life purpose. At each step I've been scared in this journey but knew I had to go on and do what I'm doing. I didn't know what to look for in a motorhome. So I watched videos, read forums and articles trying to prepare myself as best as possible. My search lead me on a myriad of motorhomes all over East TN and NW Georgia. Some of them were just too small for my needs, one or two others were “in scrap” condition, some just didn't feel right. When I thought I had found one that would be suitable, my stomach tied in knots and I had anxiety issues like mad. Energy working again, intuitive energy this time. Thankfully, I listened to that intuitive thump I kept getting.
When I declined that one after driving literally hundreds of miles around the area, the one I'm in now cropped up on a listing site. It seemed providential that the puppies I had been fostering were north of this motorhome and I could make both journeys in one.
It was the best I had seen in size, storage and overall condition. It's had some issues I've had to work on, the brakes and tires, thankfully one fellow knew where to find good used tires really reasonably. Water was a big issue last week and in the end called on all the Ascended Masters, Angels, my Dad ( a plumber in life) to fix the situation. Thankfully, they are there as they always were and I have running water again and have had the last few days!
This too was an energy lesson. After the water was fixed, I woke up the next morning realizing the Feng Shui implications of all that had been happening with the water. Water troubles equal emotional issues. I had “lost” my home, my dreams of building a school there were gone. I had moved in here and some dreams of what I had wanted, although perhaps not lost, have been put on significant hold for a while. There was emotional turmoil within me, and the mirrors reflecting that turmoil as well as the original bedcovers helped to amplify it so that the water became a significant issue. The bedspread and shams I removed immediately and put on my old quilt with roses on it, facing up. I immediately heard Ethel Mermen's “Everything's coming up roses” and knew I was on the right track.
These emotions of inner turmoil, I knew I had to change in order for me to move on in here and life more positively. One of the cards I had drawn a few days before this was from the Ascended Master's Deck of Doreen Virtue – it read “Purification” - To purify my thoughts and desires, emotions and energy it turned out. When I drew that card, I thought “Great I always get my butt kicked when that one shows up” and asked Creator “Please no major one this time!” I got what I needed until I understood the lessons. The card was right. One was “drink more water” well water was an issue and I've started drinking more water and fruit drinks of my own concoction.
Energy is in so many forms in our lives. It's not just the electrics in our home or car. It is in our hearts, our thoughts, our souls and our bodies in various forms. Energy is all around us in more forms that I know at the moment or could go into here. As I sit here writing this, I am told there is more for me to discover and learn about over time. A daunting task which I fully accept as I am on this road in life to learn, and hopefully create and aid so that others can learn as well.
My intentions are set for leaving here this week. Where I go from here I don't know yet. Creator is my Guide in all this. My will and intentions are only to find a good place to make a home for my fur-babies and I with all that I dream and envisage, learn, teach, and aid others at the moment. What exactly will happen, I don't know but I know Creator is Guiding me. Spirit Lead.