Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandfather Wisdom

Over a year ago I read for a lovely lady and her late grandfather who passed at over 100 years of age.  He was the most wonderful teacher and an amazing soul to come through.  He is a truly amazing, honorable and gracious being and I cherish the memories of the reading I was graced to give.
In that reading at the very last he said to us, in life one needs to keep the joy inside that much like a little child seeing a grasshopper in the garden.  He gave me such vivid imagery of watching a tiny one giggling over a grass hopper jumping.
That same night I was amazed at what happened...
On push mowing the center part of my garden today (about a 1/4 of an acre) I saw all the beautiful daisy like little wild flowers that had popped up. I was thinking about the old man in spirit I read for the other week how he said grand father wisdom and the joys in life to be like that of a little child. Then all of a sudden, a grasshopper appeared, right there where I was about to step. It was the ONLY grass hopper I saw today. I picked it up and perched it on my finger as we walked to where I had mown, it just looked at me as it sat on my fore finger. I sat down with it for a moment or two just watching this amazing sign come to life...Grandfather wisdom paid a visit that day. A day I had so much needed a boost in my spirits.
That day I think that wise and wonderful grandfather knew I needed that boost and am thankful still for that wonderful old teacher in Spirit. Now I give it to you to carry for today and tomorrow ♥
BTW the daisy like flowers I cut by hand and had a full sink full of flowers I cherished for over a week for.  Too precious a gift to mow over!

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day!!!
Blessings, Ada

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Chipmunk or Was it?

Yesterday I took a walk down the old dirt road to be closer to Creator in Nature.  I was experiencing some of the after affects of releasing the energy on Sunday and it was the down of that energy release.  There are other factors as well, such as winter coming soon and my finding a home for me and the furbabies before winter.  Living in my motorhome has it's advantages but Winter weather in NH isn't one of them!

My mind needed to clear and I knew I needed to ground more.  Earlier in the day I had pulled a few Ascended Masters cards for myself and one of them confirmed what I was feeling - Get Out In Nature.  So late in the afternoon I did just that. 

The woods in this area I have felt a connection to as well as the presence of other entities.  It wasn't long before I felt energies from the original inhabitants of this land as well as a farmer who must have lived here before.  The fairies greeted me with fireflies the night I arrived.  My friend saying to me I've never seen the fireflies do this before.  I've felt the wee folk here as well as the fairies.  The animals I talk to whether they are chipmunk, owl, rabbit or any of Creators beings.  That being said, I've had a particular joy and several conversations with a few chipmunks in the area. 

As I walked down that dirt road, I was so happy to see hoof marks from a horse also having taken this path.  My jaunt took me further along the road filled with beautiful tall pines, oaks and birches all around.  As I passed the pond on the right I heard children's voices a bit in the distance.  People slowed down as they saw me and were probably surprised at seeing this tall red head on their lonely road where few cars go. 

The air changed its scent the further I went.  The greens in their various states were so soothing to my soul. 

As I came to one area I heard the sound of running water.  A sound my soul had been longing to hear.  As I peered down the hill to my left I could see the small ravine but no water.  That sound drew me to its source as my soul found its connecting point.  A few hundred yards up the road was a lovely little stream.  The sounds of the small water falls soothed my aching energy and I felt as if I had walked into a holy place. 

There was a little bridge spanning the creek.  On either side Trillium berries were bursting their bright red colours to contrast the green around me.  Caps of mushrooms on either side of the water were imitating dancers with lovely parasols in purple, orange and white.  At first I hesitated then went down the path to where I could be closer to the water.  It felt like a hallowed place.  Someone had built a little area for enjoying this spot a bit further on.  I stayed away from that area and just concentrated for a few moments connecting with Creator in this hallowed spot. 

As I started my return walk I said aloud "Creator I'm going to need some miracles on this." It felt like another release in a small burst of energy releasing to God I knew I needed help.  Back up the little hills and valleys I walked and as I did so I started saying "Thank You" to Creator for all that I saw and that was part of my life.  With deep gratitude I felt the wonder of that small stream and finding it that day. 

As I returned to the small part of the road that is paved I took delight in thinking about the stone walls surrounding many of the properties in this area.  When the original settlers moved here they imitated the hedges of their native England by building stone walls around their property from the stones they found clearing and tilling the lands.  Many of these almost ancient boundaries still exist today. 

As I was looking at the various stones in these walls I saw a glimpse of bright white light skirting around the top.  Less than two seconds later a cute little chipmunk appeared on the other side of that same stone.  I looked at this little being slightly surprised.  I then felt something and began speaking to it "Are you a real chipmunk or someone pretending to be a chipmunk?" At that moment it turned from a sideways profile and to look directly at me.  She or he reached out one tiny paw and opened her mouth with a chirp.  I grinned and said "Don't worry I won't harm you wee folk or chipmunk, I won't harm you." With that there was a high pitched squeaking sound and off into the rocks she went. 

That bright flash of light and my gut feelings have me still wondering now... "Who was that chipmunk?"

Clearing The Energy Out - Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go and Let God

Sometimes you just have to let go and let God. 

Sunday was one of the most profound clearings in my personal energy I have ever experienced.  After a few moments of coming to a realization and saying to myself, Creator, my Angels and Guides "OK time to clear this out!" As I sat here in my chair, all of a sudden, downloads of information on how things connected with this energy moved through my mind and soul.  After a few minutes, I felt lighter by 20 pounds.  It was as if some huge hairy coat I had been wearing for years, decades actually, slipped off my back and shoulders and evaporated into nothing.  I could have danced if I had had the space!!!!

Sometimes we want things cleared like a flower opening one petal at a time.  Sometimes we let certain things all go the first time.  We may be clearing energy by ourselves, with a healer or counselor.  Creator and our Angels are always working with us no matter how we go about it though.  We may want it out, out, out NOW but all things in Creator's time.   Our Souls, which are always in direct alignment with hearing Creator, know when to push our being and when and how to slip that energy from our entire being and let it go.

My being an over thinker tends to get in the way of clearing my personal energy.  This is why I found that when I let things perk within my being and ask Creator "How?" wonders and miracles appear. What I did was I ended up just turning it over to Creator for the thinking part.  The results have been nothing short of astonishing and amazing for me and it took me all day yesterday to let the downloads come through and process out the energy.

When I gave up the rationalizing of things and said the other evening "OK God HOW do I clear this?" "How do I make more things happen here?" There were a few more "How" questions than that, but you get the general drift.  I then proceeded to go off to bed and let things perk as I call it.  That's when I just give it to God and My Soul Self to work it out.

Oh did it Work!  Like a few other times in my life it was absolutely amazing. 

One thing I learned a long while ago, is that anytime you clear an energy pattern, especially a deep one, you can expect physical, mental and emotional changes in yourself and sometimes your environment.  My having to take a very long nap after this joyous release makes me want to share a few things with you that you may not know.  Here is a short list of what you may experience in clearing energy at times:
  • You can experience tingling sensations in your arms, legs, neck and other areas of your body.  You can have heart palpitations.  
  • You can feel very tired shortly after a clearing and just have to take 40 winks.  
  • You may experience a bit of sadness after the high of the releasing this no longer needed energy or feel happier than you have been in ages.  
  • On the earthly side of things you may hear from someone that you have not seen in quite some time, this too is an energy release.  It's a chance to finish and release whatever emotions you may hold that are not for your highest good.
  • You may feel thirsty or hungry for certain foods
  • You may cry for what feels like no apparent reason
  • You can feel stomach upset, sweating or vision difficulties for a day or so after a clearing
Many of these things you don't read about in most of the books you may pick up and read.  I certainly didn't and some of the reactions I had experienced left me wondering.  This is why I feel you need to know it too.  This way you can "connect the dots" the next time you have a personal clearing and know that it's all natural and normal.

Love, Light and Blessings, Ada 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The After Life of a Ghost Cat

It was a blessing to me to move from the small farm house to a much larger home where my girls and I would have more privacy. Teenage girls can be very close to their mum but we all still can use a bit of privacy in those years. What I hadn't expected with all that room was that we indeed moved into a full house. A full house of Spirit activity that is. It didn't take long before they made their presence known.

The first night we moved in my bed was literally on the floor. I hadn't had the energy the night before to put it on the frame and do all the rest. It hadn't bothered me about the bed as I had slept on the floor before. My cats would adjust to things well enough I knew. My dog was outside and none to happy about that but I had hoped to find a good solution for him and us very shortly.

I woke up after a very heavy sleep feeling cats around me and one on my chest. Bleary eyed I saw a very large fluffy white cat laying on my chest and had a very cold nose touch my face. In my half asleep state, arms still under the covers that chilly morning I thought, “Where did you come from, we don't have a white cat...” I said to this very lovely creature, “Did you get in through the window and find a comfy spot?” All I heard was purring.

I talked to this lovely fuzzy fur baby. Not quite awake still I asked her/him where she'd come from and how had our three cats not taken an exception to her coming in. Not even a meow in an answer.

The sun was coming up I could tell as the bedroom was getting lighter. I went to move my arm and sit up a tad bit to pet this lovely. As I moved, kitty decided to jump off the bed and then as I watched, jumped into nothingness. I had watched this lovely cat literally jump from solid fur baby to nothing in seconds.

At first I thought Oh you were dreaming. Then I looked around the bed for this cat, still not wanting to believe what I had seen. I'd seen all sorts of things in my life, but a cat disappearing in mid jump was a new one for me. My search had me going down the hall and into the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, still no cat.

Thinking about this as I made coffee I knew it had to have been a ghost cat coming to call on me early that morning. It was just one of the Spirit cats we saw during our three years in that house. I would often see them out of the corner of my eyes walking around my legs. Papers would fall from my desk at times with no one visible.

Ah the after life of ghost cats... It must be fun.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saving a Turtle in the Middle of the Road.... Just for Today

Sometimes we run later than we would like in our day, and it gets to be a bit frustrating.  When this happens to me I do my best to step back and remember things aren't always in my time but Creator's time.  Many times in my life has being able to remember that been a great help. 

A few things this morning ran me a bit behind the schedule I had set in my head.  I sat down after doing dishes, laundry and hoovering and realized, again, that it was a schedule that was only in my head, it could be changed with a thought.  Once I did that my frustration left and I just finished up the few things I needed to do before heading out for groceries.

I'm currently living on roads that are twisty and turny, with many trees and few houses around.  Sometimes this means people drive as if they are on a race track.  Getting closer to town sometimes it's not much better even with heavier traffic.  That must be what happened to the little turtle I found in the road.  Remember Creator has ways of making things happen and had I been earlier as planned, well I wouldn't have been there to find her...

She or he was upside down in the first half of the lane I was on.  I saw her but with a car and a truck bearing down on my bumper all I could do was slow down, turn around and go back.  More looks from people as if I was a lost nutter from somewhere heretofore never heard of place.  I looked at the turtle and thought she's can't have survived that... She was upside down, blood was on the too hot pavement and she wasn't moving any of her 7 inch body.  I thought to myself at least I can move her and let her body rest.

I pulled over and parked my vehicle.  Watching for would be race car drivers, I went out and picked her up.  Much to my surprise was a wonderful big hissing sound coming from this little 7 inch snapping turtle!  YAY I thought!  She's got a chance! Her shell was cracked but the bleeding had stopped. She had a wound on her front leg but was moving as I picked her hissing fussiness up. 

When I got to the truck I looked at Buddy and thought "Oh my, he's not going to like the turtle" as he loves to bark at even feisty squirrels.  So I opened the back and cleared a little basket with an apron I had in there.  I told her to relax that I would find the safest spot. 

Not knowing the road well I have to keep an extra eye out for everything and just a few hundred yards up the road was a spot I could pull into and deposit "Ms. Turtle" safely.  As I set her down gently near a muddy area so she could have moisture coming back into her body.  The Arch Angels I called for help for her and the other four foots on these roads as I left. 

Yes, some of you may think I was heartless to leave an injured turtle in the woods near mud.  My reasons for doing this are thus: It was a Saturday afternoon and being new to the area looking for a rehab or similar in the heat of my vehicle would have killed her for sure.  Turtles may not move quickly but reptiles don't always do well under extreme stress so finding her a cooler quiet place in Nature versus possibly over stressing her even more - a certain death sentence - made more sense.  Animals are often injured in the wild and recover.  Yes some don't but some do recover.  Creator has ways with this we don't always understand.  Having rehabbed animals myself I know it's all in Creator's hands....

Now that I'm home, I was looking through my older blog posts and found this.... Somehow it seems to fit today... Blessings, Ada

Just for today
Just for today I'm going to concentrate on today.
Just me and my little part of the Universe...
Just for today I'm going to do my best not to worry about tomorrow...
I may not be perfect at it today but tomorrow is always 24 hours from now...
Just for today, I'm going to treat others as I want to be treated
 with love, kindness and compassion
Just for today, I'm going to do my best to understand that someone else may be going through a tough time...
Just for today, I'm going to I'm going to acknowledge they are just human too....
Just for today, I'm going to know I too am human and take it easier on myself...
Just for today, a little prayer I'll say for those whom I will never meet, but hurt none the less
Just for today, the person who cuts me off on my exit I'll ask for their safety in place of an explitive
Just for today, the man holding the sign "will work for food" I'll say a prayer at the very least and at the very  best give a good meal, even if it's just a sandwich
Just for today, I'll let someone close to me know how much they are loved, in words and deed
Just for today, I'll forgive myself and someone else
Just for today, I'll find some joy in my life and then share it with loving grace
And JUST FOR TODAY I'll put a little more humane in human, reaching beyond me yet within me, reaching towards the Divine...Who is always within reach today...

Blessings, Ada

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Felt Him Go - How one part of my journey began...

The day before my father passed had been one of those great days in a kid's life, Thanksgiving and my birthday. Every so often I was very lucky with a cake and feast for my birthday and this year was one of those lucky years.
My mum had been unwell as long as I could remember. Her illness progressed as I grew older. There weren't many things she could do on a regular basis, but bless her, she did manage Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with a bit of help from me and at times from Dad, even if it was only to remind her of timing for things.
We had the turkey, and all the fixings. Cake was dessert and Dad had bought a vanilla sheet cake with big blue roses, my favorite colour.
We had a simple evening as they watched TV in the living room and I in my room. The small flat suited us even though it was a dramatic change from the big Victorian home we'd lived in a few years prior.
The next morning Dad was as usual up early his coffee mug and plate on the counter from his early breakfast. This morning I heard him using the shovel. Scrambling out of bed with the thoughts of no school for Monday, I put on my robe and looked out the window. Little did I realize there definitely would be no school for me on Monday.
He came in after a while and saw me on the living room floor working on signs for his shop downstairs. We exchanged "Good Morning" and rather than him having his second cup of coffee for the morning he went back to shoveling. He was a stubborn and independent man, and wouldn't wait for the property owner to come with the snow blower when he could do it in a morning. Years doing just this for his own properties must have been strongly engrained within him.
A little while later as I was getting ready for a shower, I heard the worst scream I've ever heard in my entire life, even up to today, decades later. It vebrated through me as if the world was tearing apart. My mother was standing in the doorway at the back of our first floor apartment. Dad's feet were all I could see from my vantage point. My mother stood lifeless and catatonic in the doorway.
As soon as I reached Dad I started CPR, I knew he wasn't breathing as he was starting to go blue. That was the first day of my life that I used language I had been forbidden to use. Screaming for the neighbors to get an ambulance with every colourful metaphor I could remember hearing I kept at it. Breath - then 1,2,3, 4,5... Breathe- over and over again.
People were gathering at the end of the block but no ambulance yet, so I ran upstairs passing my mum still in her catatonic state and called rescue myself. Back out I ran 1,2,3,4, 5 BREATHE...over and over
Then it happened, although it was a cold New Hampshire morning with over a foot of new snow on the ground I hadn't felt a thing, no cold, nothing just the need to act. This I felt, the cool calm breeze, the peacefulness, the gentle loving adieu. In a split second that seemed ages, something had changed. Part of me could see it and I definitely could feel it. Deep down I knew. My panic that day started then and not until then. You see that was the second Dad "Died."
My Dad left me with one last present that day which would take me over twenty years to understand fully. It would take over twenty years to work through the guilt, questions and self inflicted wondering. Today I see it as a Wondrous gift. It is a gift I will carry with me all the days of my life because you see -I felt him go.