Friday, September 4, 2015

The Gift

The Gift

Sitting here this morning, looking out the windows to watch the sun's dancing light against the tall pine trees encircling the ponds I think of how today like every other day is truly a gift. Unfortunately sometimes it takes our losing someone to death to bring this reality back home to us. Perhaps it is age too that brings this awareness to us even more. At this point in the morning I'm really not sure but know for me personally how my thoughts have changed in this over the years.

The first time I can really recall it was the scare I had with odd lumps growing in my body. That was twenty years ago now. After over a year of my watching them and then many months of my doctor watching them as well surgery was recommended. A path report to follow. I remember those days and praying like mad as my girls weren't even teenagers then. Even though I was newly married at the time, the relationship I knew was not a good one and my girls, my beautiful little girls was all I thought of with those prayers. The prayers were answered in a very positive fashion. I was blessed to raise my girls. Thankfully I was able to leave that marriage and again my girls were my impetus for doing so.

Today I'm sitting here, after so many changes in my life just grateful for a hot cup of tea, a comfortable robe warding off the chilly air, and the sun rise. My neighbor's black cat is peering out the window at me and I catch myself smiling. Oh how that little one looks like my beautiful Onyx Louise. I still miss that little girl cat, the mother of the Great BW.

Life we work with and through every single day, but every day holds its blessings. Waking up and moving around are blessings. Hot cups of tea and electricity to make it are blessings.

So much of my life I allowed fear to overshadow those simple blessings. Fears that really emanated from my not knowing or understanding the connection we all have to the Creator. Fears of all types sprang up in my life. How much energy and time I wasted with fears? Too much, far, far too much.

They are right those mystics of the past and present. Count your blessings each day, those little and big things of life to be grateful for. Stop searching to make the day perfect when it already is perfect. It started, we're in it, thankfully we're in it.

Already my day hasn't “gone to plan” but that's all right. My plans and Creator's are often different. There are things I need to change and that comes down to my personal choice, Creator's guiding hand and today.

We have today and isn't that an amazing gift!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cycles and Circles Coming Turning New Chapters

I've been in New Hampshire now for just over a year. It's not been the easiest of years but I have seen the need to be back here in my home area after 35 years of absence to heal all the old wounds going back to when I was a girl. From what I've witnessed in the last few weeks, Creator is giving me the best nudges to do just that... Heal.  

This is where it all started for me, my life, feeling like an odd ball at every turn and doing the one thing most everyone in my family was proud of me for my academic ability. It's also the place where I learned to hide – literally in closets or under beds when I was very little. Being a little one and sensing more highly than family around you makes things interesting in life really quickly.  It's where I learned that it was best at the time where I said as little as possible so that my family would like me and I wouldn't feel like “the weird one” or that in some way I was misbehaving. 

This I've felt since starting my trip last June. It must have been something deep inside that my soul knew I had to make but my logical, ego based self only felt absolute fear in almost every mile of doing so. For me this wasn't the jolly fun adventure in a motorhome traveling to fun campgrounds and having a ball, it was healing time and working at the fear that had built up in me so much that I really thought at times it could choke me. God knows how thankful I am for those precious Souls who loaned me their listening ears and hearts throughout.

It's been an undercurrent all throughout my being back in New Hampshire. Things haven't worked out as I had planned, however, miracles and magic have unfolded at just the right times through out my stay. This was even more apparent last week as I drove along with the others after Karl's funeral. We were on our way to the luncheon afterwards and the path we took could not have been better planned. This is when it struck me the most how much this is all about coming full circle and finishing this cycle.

As the post funeral procession meandered through the streets of my home village. (THIS in and of itself was a surprise as I thought we were going in a southern direction for this, not north into my village! When I was told where it was to be, my jaw could have hit the floor!) First we passed by the street where old house we lived in on the edge of town was at that time. Then, going the back way, we ended up driving past my mother's birth place as well as her final resting place. My brain stopped at that point for just a few seconds. I knew on the way back I would be visiting Dad's grave as it was on my way home. Three graves in one day “unintentionally” by those driving but so intentional by Creator's hand as it looks.

I'll admit I was in a daze for a few minutes upon arriving at the lodge where the buffet had been set up. That drive couldn't have been better planned with all the places that were most familiar to me from my bike riding days. It was as if Creator was taking me back to my fun loving bicycle riding kid days as I think about it now, before Dad's death, before everything ground shaking 35 years ago had started. As I sit here writing this and thinking about all of it that day and the years before, it's truly something to wrap my head around.

For three decades I always said I wouldn't come back here to live because of the cold winters. That's only partially true, yes most of it is because of those brutally icy northern winters. (and let me tell you now, living through one in a motor home is NO picnic as that was me and so many others situation last winter) However the reality of it is my father died in one of those winters, shoveling snow and I don't think I've ever looked at snow the same way since in all honesty.

I remember leaving here at 14 ½ thinking I would be free of being the freak. I could have a new life where people wouldn't treat me as if I was weird or different. I could start again. But that really didn't happen, that wish soon faded and died. You cannot be anything that what you are in this life and for me, people have always been able to sense it. The courts had decided I would be given over to my oldest brother. He loved me, I felt that then. I thought his family, my sister in law and sons would too. I was far too na├»ve then to understand how so often families can put the word “fun” in dysfunctional.

No matter how hard I consciously tried, hiding the real me wasn't possible. I'll admit I fit in there about as well as an alpaca at a humming bird festival.

Regardless of how hard you try in life, you have to be you. You may feel lost, afraid, unable or incompetent, that good old “not up to the task” feeling. You might also want to stay the little mouse because of the “should” in life, but really at some point you have to face and heal to be who you are and who you are meant to be.

The last few weeks I've had flashes of memories from things that showed so clearly who I am, things I did, said and understood from such an early age. It's been amazing to recall things so freely that I had hidden away in the recesses of my mind. Things I knew as an early teenager that make so much more sense now after years of Spiritual and Metaphysical study and yet I'm only on the cusp of learning and understanding it feels.

So many things I did then as a kid, make so much sense now to the woman who is fifty now. I can see the dots connect in some ways.

I've been asking my Guides, Guardians, The Angels and The Ascended Masters for help in finishing what needs to be finished for me to move forward in my life. I don't know when or how I pray I is so very soon. To come full circle and finish the heal so that I can help others to heal as well. God/Creator Works in some very interesting ways.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

“I Love You Ada – Bye” - For Karl

Hello Dear Listeners!!! Although this will be published in the September e-zine for which I'm a regular columnist, it felt right for me to start my blogging again with this writing I just finished.  More to come and much more regularly from now on, The long dark night is coming to a close.
LOTS of Love and Many Blessings, Ada

“I Love You Ada – Bye” - For Karl

My contribution in July's edition of this E-zine was on grief. I wrote that because of what I was sharing with my partner in our loss for a most beloved fur baby, 16 year old Sammy. It makes no difference if the loss is for a person or a fur/feathered person, each loss is hard. I knew that from my personal experience as well as my work as a Psychic Medium and Chakra Healer too how hard it can be.

However, what I didn't know at the time of it's submission was that I too would be feeling another loss in July. Synchronicity works in very interesting ways.. This is one of the most interesting times of this in my life. So many things fell into place these last few weeks.

On the 22nd of July the call came. I knew someday I would receive it, however, it was also one I never wanted to hear. That call happened much earlier in my life than I would have wished for, but I can see Creator's timing in all of it. The call I'm referring to is the one I received from my “adopted” brother Karl's mum, early in the morning of July. I saw her name come up on my mobile and knew she was having health problems. Rarely would she call so early, so I knew something was amiss immediately. I swallowed my tea hard and answered the call.

Those words “Karl died in his sleep last night” were so hard for me to grasp. I listened and didn't want to believe it but my soul felt the truth of it. We talked for a few minutes and agreed to phone one another later in the day. After fighting back the urge to call his apartment, I called my partner. You always need someone to lean on in those times. Remember always gather loved ones around you to support you.

Karl isn't the first of my childhood friends to pass however, he's the one I've been closest to in some ways. In many ways he truly was like a brother. He always cared. It's hit me hard his crossing, I won't deny that in the least. We'd known each other since I was 11/12 and he was 17/18. He looked like he was 12 then, I remember that so well. Skinny as a rail, flat top hair cut and a big grin were Karl's endearing features. He could eat and eat and never gain an ounce back then.

To me, his multiple handicaps meant little other than helping him an extra bit when we played. He liked bowling and rock and roll, his guitar and always the weather reports. He would do his best to speak clearly but the autism and his stutter made it hard sometimes. We would play with his kid's bowling set on good days. We would set the pins up under my bedroom window in the driveway his mother's flat and my parent's flat shared. He always cheered when either of us made a strike.

Karl and I attended the same school after I moved from elementary to junior school. Our high school in that small New Hampshire town was both senior and junior high school together. Sometimes I would see him in the special ed rooms and wave. He'd smile from his seat as I passed by.

We'd talk about all sorts of things as we grew up a floor apart from each other. His mum would have me over at times and we'd make jam or something for treats. Karl and I would finish off the pot with the jam in it or have whatever extra bits were left over. Then he and I would go and talk about some of the things he enjoyed, simple things really. He'd tell me about string, all sorts of string and tensile strength for fishing line, string, rope and more. He'd always tell me what the weather was going to be for the next few days. That's one thing that never changed over the years.

Years after I moved away tests and doctors coming to understand special needs people more keenly allowed us to know Karl had Kleinfelter's syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism we knew. His original diagnosis in the 1960's I always detested it simply stated “Retarded” on the papers. To me that's an ugly word meaning “not as much as, or limited to...” To me what it truly showed was how limited the understanding of the professionals were at the time.

Over the many years Karl's mother kept in touch with me through the many changes in my life. After Dad's passing my move was inevitable as my own mother's mental health deteriorated. After that time we wrote letters and on occasion talked on the phone. I'm laughing now because back then there were no cell phones and calling long distance was truly a pretty penny for any call. A few times when I was a “poor college student” she had me come out to visit them. I remember how hard it was for me to tell her and Karl I was expecting my first child. She was a bit of a straight arrow person and my being unmarried I wasn't sure how it would go.

It went smoothly enough and she sent me baby things when my own family had dismissed me from their lives for that “folly” of being an unwed mother. Karl acted excited and said he was going to have a little niece or nephew soon. He clapped his hands and said “that will be good won't it Ada” time and again.

He saw my girls only as babies but never as growing young women due to distance and personal choices I made. He would however talk to them on the phone when they were younger. When I got the phone back he would say “That was good wasn't it Ada” and I knew he was smiling.

Years went by and we started having our weekly call as his helpers as I call those wonderful people said how it made a huge difference in his life. He'd be happy to tell me the weather for his area, what the Pawtucket, RI baseball team was doing and when he was going to get a new baseball. The conversations were never long and usually ended with me having to prompt him with “I love you Karl” before he'd say it back “I love you too Ada, We've talked ourselves out - bye.”

That's the key of how I know he knew his time was very close. The last phone call we had all the normal things we talked about and then he said it “We've talked ourselves out for this week Ada. I love you -Bye.” The way he said I love you had more emphasis than normal AND he said it first. When I spoke to his mum, she confirmed similar experiences from him that week too.

Sometimes it takes us looking back at a conversation or things that happen before a loved one's passing to realize the missed clues they leave behind for us. I've seen it in my work many times, with friends and clients and now more so very clearly in my personal life. Why didn't I know he was “going?” I wasn't supposed to know. Sometimes we just aren't supposed to know be it their choice now or a choice we made before we came to this earth...

Creator however does...Another of the synchronicities is that it's the first time in over 36 years I'm in our home state and just 9 miles from where the funeral was held. Tell me Creator does't have plans...

Yes his passing has hit me quite hard because Karl was one of the few people I knew that loved without expectations. His life wasn't easy but he had something a lot of us don't normally, keeping the love like a small child keeps Love. Even at 56 he had that quality in him.

Looking back he's one of my calmer and better teachers. Some might see Karl as a poor soul born with all the things wrong with him that kept him from being “normal” but I see someone who kept going even with all the things he was born with and faced over the years. He'd been hospitalized so many times seriously ill over the years. Too many times for one person to be in ICU and on the edge. He'd started having other problems over the years but kept going.

Then there's me, I've let too many things “get me down” over the years. The big lumps and bumps we all can and do have depending on our life path. More things than I want to take time with on this column now hit the last few years. Let's just say I've been “through the mill” the last few years a bit more than some. I know however, on a soul level that it's all so that I can understand and help others better as well as to help me grow as a woman.

It is time in my life to hold onto the joys and wonderful things more and let the rest go like Karl always did. With the big bumps of the last few years I had wrapped myself in a cocoon, the long dark night kind of cocoon. It's time to shed that cocoon and do it in style my Guides are telling me right now. What they mean by style I don't know, but they do have a great sense and sense of humor too. They give me a picture of Rosalind Russell as “Mame.” We shall see.

Karl has been a wonderful teacher and a loving member of my Soul family. I know he's around as I've already had messages from him. I know he helped me find that baseball I put with his box of ashes. Just days after he passed I had the feeling to put a baseball and guitar pick with his ashes at the burial ceremony. I told my Guides help me find the baseball. I would use one of my own Guitar picks... Two days later I went off to my other job and there were signs for a book sale (I'm dangerous at book sales especially the yard sale kind) As I talked to the couple my eyes drew me to a milk crate half filled with old baseballs. Tearing up I asked if I could have one and told them why. One book on birds and a baseball later I drove home.

The day of the funeral I had the baseball in hand and drew out a new guitar pick. I put them on the seat next to me along with my little dog Buddy. When I went to get the them, the guitar pick had disappeared. I searched all over, it was gone. Buddy doesn't bother such things and the area was undisturbed where I had put it for safe keeping. Next to the wooden box that was holding Karl's ashes I set the baseball. When I told the priest about the guitar pick he said “Don't worry, he's already got it.” confirming my thoughts exactly.

He may have had handicaps in this life but he sure doesn't in the after life. Rock on little brother, learn a few chords from Hendrix and B.B.King...

I Love you Karl – Bye for now...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Card for Jimmy

When I was first understanding my gifts and abilities as a psychic medium I still ran a small swimming pool company. At that point in my life I really had not fully understood how these abilities would change my life and how they could help others so very much. My day to day activities of my family consisting of my three teenage daughters and running the pool business kept me very busy. I didn't realize that once the doors opened a little that Creator would start using me as a tool, even while doing pool work.

For almost two years I had worked with two wonderful people. There was always a distance and sadness about this lovely couple and having never wanted to pry into their life, I simply did my job and let the feelings of sadness only occasionally wander into my being. They were leaving for a new job post in a few days and this was my last visit to them as the managers of this little resort I cleaned pools for twice weekly.

It was because of this that I stopped and picked up a card for their departure. I meant it to be a “Bon Voyage’ type of card but what I settled on was far from that. The card I finally found had frogs on it and said “Always keep smiling... It makes people wonder what you're up to.” on the inside. It took me a little while longer than I had wanted to settle on the card, but for some reason I chose this particular card. As I would soon learn I had a little help from someone in the Spirit Realm helping me that day with my selection. Setting off on my forty five minute drive I just felt good about having picked that card. I kept feeling it would make them smile.

After my work was finished, I then went to their office to have brief chat and say “good bye,” however that isn't the way Creator intended things to go. They were both busy with their duties and unlike most days I was there, too busy for me to interrupt and tell them what I needed to for the next few days on the system. So I just left the card on her desk and waved good bye with a smile.

After I reached my pickup I checked to make sure all was secure in the back and my tools and equipment were as they needed to be for the drive to the next destination. For some reason I double checked a bit more that morning. As I was about to get in and start the engine, Jeannie the manager came out and waved me down. Thinking something was wrong I got out and as I came closer I saw she had tears starting welling up in her eyes, and in her hand was my card.

I asked if she was all right to which she nodded said that she was. “What made you pick out this card this morning?” she asked “You have no idea what you’ve just done!” She was so happy with tears in her eyes. A bit surprised I told her of my picking it out in the store and it taking me a bit longer than I would normally do. There was just something about that card that I knew would bring a smile to her face I told her. I also let her know how it just felt like the right one.

She then said it was just like a little plaque she used to keep on her desk before her son passed. He’d given her that plaque with the exact wording in the card. She said “It's the same words and even the frogs!” “He gave that plaque to me just a few months before he died” she said. She mentioned how she had it in storage but couldn't bring herself to ever put it on her desk as it made her so sad to do so.

As she finished I started to feel a presence coming in with my energy. In my mind I started talking to him and then aloud for him. In my mind saw a young tall and thin male, late teens or early twenties and I kept hearing “Jimmy, Timmy or Jim.” He was blonde with curly hair and a big sweet grin. He was on the thin side and full of life and joy, just as he had been in life.

As I conveyed to Jeannie that I was hearing and seeing someone called “Jim, Jimmy or Timmy” she got a bit white and her eyes misted more. The message I started to convey was truly a “Bon Voyage” in more ways than I could ever have expected. Jimmy told me everything I needed to know about his accidental death at such a young age. He told me of the family troubles with his dad, mum and siblings since his passing. He showed me how much an accident it all was and told me to tell his mum he never felt a thing. I could see a revolver, which for me means a shooting accident. He was very strong and insistent on that point. He kept telling me “Tell her I didn’t feel a thing!” and showed me is spirit leaving his body just as the danger and bullet hit.
He told me how no matter what she told her other son, Jimmy's brother, he would not yet be willing to understand or accept the message he was conveying through me. He also said that he had been following his parents through all their ordeals from his Dad's depression and job change to his mum's trying to hold everything together and feeling as if she were failing. He gave me the feelings of such grief, sadness, disjointedness to life and much more. So many things he said and I conveyed that late morning gave Jeannie the proof she needed that indeed it was Jimmy and he really was OK. So much he told me and all the while his mum tried to hold back the tears.

That was the first time I felt that deep catharsis from this process of mediumship I was born with. The deep connection of healing from another soul, his mum, Jeannie. Her tears were of joy. I'll never forget that deep relief and joy that was radiating from her. She asked me if I “did this often” and I told her no that it was something until recently I had kept well hidden for many years. She said to my “I’m so very grateful that you decided to stop hiding it because I would never have had the relief in my heart you have given me if you hadn’t.” Then I had tears because I knew she spoke from the heart. We hugged and said our good byes.

Over a year later I was in Knoxville shopping with two of my daughters when I bumped into Jeannie and her husband again. She saw me and was all smiles. Her words were in so many ways music to my ears as she told me that what had happened that day, over a year before, had transformed everyone in her family. Eventually even her older son was able to come to understand the message through their understanding and joy filled relief. She told me too, that they now had the ability to regain a stable life that before had left them with the tragic passing of their youngest son.

We never fully know how Creator will use us as His “pens of life” it can like I do with my work or a simple smile by anyone to uplift another's day. We all have Service to give and in many different forms. No matter what form it is you can give, just know in some way you can make another's life a little better. That day Creator chose to use me through a wonderful young man in Spirit helping me pick out just the right card.

Love and Blessings, Ada

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Winds Howl and Blow

Tonight the winds howl and blow with mild fury as my inner being attempts to find calm and patience with myself.  Too often I question the why's of coming back here now that winter has descended.  Ultimately I know the reasons, some more clear than others.

As the temperature drops tonight far below freezing my gratitude is increasing.  I am most of all Grate-Full for Creator's amazing patience with me as I grow and understand as best as I can in this moment.  I'm Grate-full we have what we do and the joys of watching Buddy growling in his sleep just now and Heidi-weeness playing with bits of nothing are things to warm me.

None of us knows what tomorrow may bring for certain.  On of the great intrigues in being a psychic is that we cannot often see what is ahead for us and we too must go by feeling.  Tiny glimpses we get, yes, but no all amazing road map.

It's now time for bed and rest, hopefully.  Weasley has already entered the land of dreams as he twitches in my lap playing as he sleeps.  Buddy too has entered this realm of dreams.  He's smiling and growling, a woof escapes his snores...

Thank you Creator for another day to share, the food on our table & in our home, those we love near and far, the calming winds, the Spring a few weeks away, fur-babies, loving friends, and All You Do Dear Creator in each of our lives....

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Signs From Creator - The Eight Legged Kind

It is winter in NH and I live in a motorhome at the moment... and the Weavers (aka Spiders) have shown up again.... Thank You my Wonderful Totem Guides! It took me a long while to understand their meaning in my life.

When I was little spiders terrified me. Not teeny tiny ones but ones that were larger than a dime of 5 P piece. They followed me. There were times in my life that spiders would seemingly come out of no where and just be around me. I know spiders are around and they are everywhere but it to me it was always so odd that they arrived in such ways.

I remember making my bed as child of about 8 and lifting up my huge stuffed tiger toy to put on my bed and under it was a big brown spider the size of a quarter. Thinking back it was probably a Wolf Spider as they tend to be ever so keen to follow me around. Well, I did the girlie thing and screamed loud so that my parents heard me downstairs and Dad came on the run. Poor Dad, a little out of breath and that look on his face “OK she's a girl” was so plain as I pointed to this spider from atop my four poster bed. I left the room for a minute as soon as he arrived. He flipped the spider outside my window and gave me the all clear. I came back in to finish making my bed all the while double checking each and EVERY stuffed toy before it was put on the bed. It took me twice as long as normal that day making my bed.

Fast forward over 20 years. I'm working with swimming pools every day. Cleaning out baskets and all that can be in them. (There can be a LOT of wiggly squiggly things in baskets let me tell you!) Sometimes the baskets containing many spiders would be flung into the lawn, gently but away then went...bowling ball style. I didn't go to kill them as I've always had a reverence for all life, but I was not about to pick up some of those and be gentle at that point!

Then one day in late fall was this gorgeous green, blue and white tree spider in a skimmer basket. She was half dead from cold and water. Here I am standing there, the last pool of the day in early afternoon and I'm staring at this being that any other day would have made me roll the basket I looked at her for so long admiring her size – almost the palm of my hand – and how each and every hair and colour seemed to be just perfect. . Her beauty was amazing...but she wasn't moving.

As weird as it may sound I knew if I didn't get her legs moving her heart would not beat as spiders have a unique circulatory system. For some reason I was determined this spider, almost the size of my palm had to live. I started moving each of her legs in succession, spider style. I blew on her breathing tubes at the side. Yes, I did Spider CPR... After about 20 minutes she started to move on her own again albeit slowly. At that point I took her to a tree as she was an arboreal spider, and released her.

A short while later I mentioned this to two friends, one a Native American and the other who was interested in a variety of things. I also mentioned my fear of spiders seemed to have disappeared with that act. This is when I was told about animal totems. That some of Creator's other Beings are part of our Guide system and we all have animal Spirit Guides too. I was given a book to look up spiders and other animals as Totem Animals.

After reading the passages it all made sense. It was like a light bulb went off in my whole being. No wonder these Great Weavers followed me everywhere. Ours was the only yard with webs EVERYWHERE in the fall. I would have spiders in and on my vehicles, descending down from the ceiling, swinging in their webs when I came by, as well as running across my path too often to leave me in doubt.

The Great Weavers... They show us about weaving in our lives and about weaving our life. They help to show us patterns. There are many myths and legends from a variety of cultures I have read over the years. It's amazing how so much has been written about these amazing and mystical Beings.

To me personally they always mean good things are coming into my life. Changes for the positive are on their way for me.

Now, in NH in the middle of winter, I've had two lovelies come to me one dancing on her web right in front of me as I was in deep thought and then meditation. The other on my bed, just a tiny one as I was getting my bath bag together the other day for my shower. I gently let her climb my hand sending her emotionally calming energy as I did. She ascended my hand and I slowly brought her to the corner are of my bedroom to find a “good place for a while” I thought to her. Off she jumped and away she went.

I thanked her and The Great Weaver of Life as some call the Guide to these amazing Beings. I thanked Creator for the sign and went on with my day a bit more deep in thought.

What they mean exactly I do not know other than good things are on their way.

Signs come in all shapes and forms. Creator talks to us every day if we just listen to the signs.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The No Longer Poor House Within

The No Longer Poor House...

As I was cleaning the last of the last out of my old home, it dawned on me how much I had and yet always in that house I felt so very poor. The key word is felt. I was rich beyond my earlier dreams really but in that house, all fourteen rooms (yes 14 rooms) I had always felt poor. 

From before I signed on the dotted line over ten years ago, I had strongly felt I really couldn't afford that house by myself. I was wrong of course in some ways but that house had tremendous lessons for me within its walls as well as it's almost 2 acre garden area. In some ways I was right because energetically I had set the precedent before ever moving one book, box or bobble into that massive 3400 square feet of space. It was a precedent of thought and more importantly emotion that constituted the flow in that house. In other words I set the energy tone for me and the house in some ways before I ever really moved in with my family.

The two car garage held about half of the things I had that remained. Over half of it was taken up by those vintage and somewhat antique possessions. Yet I had always felt lack in that house, poor in other words. 

At one time the over 18 feet of book case and cabinet below had been filled to the brim with books, games, chachkas and all manner of things bought. Yet my feeling deep within resided there as well as those books collecting dust upon the shelves. 

At some point, I'm not certain as to where, both I and that house became a massive mental and physical wreck as I couldn't keep anything organized or clean. My energy drained in every facet of that house probably from the intent I set all those years before. 

In that house though I had been a very rich woman in all reality. Why do I say that? Simple, if I were to take anyone from a village in China, South Africa, Nicaragua, The Appalachians or a native american reservation here in the US, they would have thought I lived like a queen. I had four bathrooms and five bedrooms always at my disposal. I had running water in each as well. There were facilities to do everything from washing and drying my laundry to having the dishes washed by machine. My appliances were not state of the art but things stayed cold and who wouldn't dream of two refrigerators just a few steps apart! 

But to me, I think of it as the No Longer Poor House because to me it was where I was given so many lessons the last of all the amazement of how rich I really am. 

As I learned from an amazing teacher, lack or feeling poor is really a feeling or many feelings we have within ourselves. What we broadcast out we receive back like watching the wave of a pepple after we toss it into a little pond. I learned I'm not poor, I AM rich in everything. I have a beautiful motorhome, my fur babies, my loved ones, water, food, electricity and so much more. Things don't really make us rich, it's something from within. 

Energy of our being is something within. In that house I learned more about my mediumship abilities and other abilities than in all the thirty plus years before. In that house I learned so much about energy in so many forms it would take a book to write most of it down. In that house I learned to really allow myself to decorate with my imagination. There I also learned to some degree the art of letting go and letting God. It was also learning about intentions, feelings, shielding, and so much more. 

I know as I write this there are still elements of that thinking I have to dispel for my own benefit and possibly others as well. Clearing my energy and really taking in the wonderment of what Creator gives me/us in all things is part of this. I know as I can feel it I have more work to do in this area and work I will do gladly. 

But why did I set that intention when I first bought the house? Perhaps it was my soul knowing lessons were on the way. Perhaps my inner being that soul self knew I had many things to clear that were lying deeply within my being needed to be raised to the surface, dealt with and dismissed to have more of a future in which I can be of service. 

With all that house held for me and the marvelous teachers from afar that I was guided to by Creator to me is nothing short of miraculous. The latest of which opened doors for me on so many levels, there for me are no words only feeling that can express my deepest appreciation and gratitude. Creator works in amazing ways.

A VERY Special Thank You
to ALL those who have helped Guide and Teach with Love....

Kelly Chamchuk of Lumasoul, Cassandra Bowen, LuAnn, Laurie, Eveline, DL and ML, Kathy V.,
My Fellow Flow-ers
My Fellow “Cooks”

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lighter, Brighter and Fluffy - Like Snow

This evening I caught myself with words and feelings that were not so positive regarding the weather. It's snowing in New Hampshire right now, and probably will be all night. As I opened the door to look out into the darkness, I saw against the lights snow fluffy, white and falling. I began thinking of this in not the greatest of ways as perhaps many others do too when the snow first starts to fall. Then I turned and stopped, realizing what I was doing....

Every word, every thought and every feeling we give off affects our Being. Just like every snowflake falling tonight adds to the accumulations of snow, so do does every thought we have add to the layers of energy we cloak ourselves in on a daily basis. It is said that we have over 60,000 thoughts a day on average. Everything we do starts as a thought... Where are my keys, pocket book, wallet... Was the dog fed this morning? Did I turn off the coffee pot? The coffee is too hot/cold/sweet/strong/weak... You name it, there is a thought and feeling behind it... Sixty thousand thoughts a day adds to an amazing layer during the week!

What if each of these layers affects us in some way? That is exactly what does happen and over time our mind/body/Soul connection starts to feel it and show it.  One way or the other, it shows.  

What do you think would happen if we have too heavy a layer of snow? Things get difficult for travel, electricity, internet, and much more. If the snow layer is light it just fluffs around the next day and doesn't drag anything down with it. So too are our thoughts and feelings – what we believe. If we choose lighter, brighter more positive thoughts – the layer is lighter. We move more easily, our energy is better, our body feels lighter.

Tonight I realized I had to change this feeling of “GRRRR Snow, cold, ick” into something better. I knew as I stood there halfway into my turning around, this too had to shift. So I started remembering being a little girl in Penacook, my home village. The house on the hill with the great back yard and my sled ready to go with the first good snow. My parents' dismay to learn I had taken a few pans of water out to make that sled run even faster with ice than snow. Then I thought of my red hair and that bright grape purple snow suit my parents bought me! I hang my head now at the fashion coordination there and laugh. A red haired zipped up Purple snow torpedo you could have mistaken for a Purple Dinosaur prototype with red hair!

So OK it's snowing, it's cold outside, life goes on. My cats are enjoying my lap. Buddy is waiting for me to finish typing so we can go for walkies. I'm feeling lighter, brighter thinking of those times when my sled and I made my parents' shake their heads. I'm laughing because I taught my girls to sled too using old boxes covered in plastic and whoosh down our hill in the back. Old Pool liners make great sled covers...

Maybe tomorrow I'll build my first snow man or snow something in decades. I can put my artistic talents to work that way!  The last time I did something like that was when my children were little!!!! If I do I'm going to take pictures to send them and smiling!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Quarters, Wonderful Magical Quarters!!!!

Quarters, wonderful marvelous little things Quarters. You may be asking “what do quarters have to do with anything?” Quarters the other day meant a lot to me personally. Some of you may not be aware that last year my home of 10 years was foreclosed upon and thanks to Creator's Blessings, I was able to buy a used motorhome for me and my fur babies to live and drive half way across country. So this brings me to where I am now, in one of the few motorhome parks open in New Hampshire during the winter. This particular place is like many others with laundry facilities, public bathrooms and showers. Here lies the heart of the matter... the shower takes at least one quarter. Yes one quarter gets you approximately 10 minutes of marvelously magical hot water. 

Yes Safari comes with a shower and makeshift little tub all in lovely Safari Sapphire Pink, however the hot water heater is gas only and due to circumstances I've been more than a bit conservative with using for anything other than hot water for tea and a bit of cooking here and there. Most of the time I bake my meals or do a combination of baking and stove top cooking. For several months this year I heated water using the microwave and a re-engineered coffee pot to make hot water for my baths and it takes about 2 ½ hours per 6 gallons of water for a really good hot bath. So having a shower that is a mere quarter is more than a blessing to me at this point! 

Every day I go into that shower with huge amounts of Gratitude! That's 2 ½ hours I have freer than I did before and I don't have to monitor the coffee pot or the microwave, back and forth! The water is blissfully hot almost every time! Even having to put on snow boots, my heavy black coat with a hood and gloves at times is not a big deal any more... It's a hot shower!!! “THANK YOU CREATOR IT'S HOT WATER – A HOT SHOWER, THANK YOU FOR THE HOT WATER!!!!” Is my mantra.

The quarters.... it takes at least one quarter for this shower's timer to operate. I searched high and low the other day – no quarters! I had dimes, pennies, nickels, I had a few dollars in my wallet but the change machine was out of order I soon learned. I have English pounds, 50p pieces and I even have a couple of old schillings. I have Greek coins, I have coins from the Sechelles but NO good old American quarters...This is where listening steps in, listening to the Divine, Creator's whispers if you will! 

It started slowly these impressions. “You have money all around you, but not the right kind... Think about it.” So I did. That day because of the weather and timing I heated enough water for a good sponge bath and went about what I needed to do for the day. Later on I watched a video by Dr. Wayne Dyer and saw a post by Cheryl Richardson... She was focusing on not seeing deer in her back garden and wrote about how she changed her thinking... I started envisaging quarters! But I still didn't have the point Creator was trying to show me. 

The following day the weather was good and after a bit - I had quarters galore, I'd run to the bank and made a withdrawal – one roll of ever so wonderful quarters in my purse. Home in Safari I opened the roll and put them on the shelves above my kitchen table. I weighed in my mind how many loads of laundry and how many showers this roll would give me. I was still thinking the WRONG way. I was still counting down, not up you see. 

I heard the voice again. The gentle Soul nudging about quarters...simple little quarters. Then it hits me, I'm thinking wrong. I'm thinking down not up, again! I'm counting only what is in front of me not being open to what is coming. I was thinking backwards. I wasn't focusing on what I really wanted, the end result first and leaving the rest up to Creator!

Just like we need quarters for some for the shower for instance. We need the right kind of thoughts and feelings to be able to communicate with Creator to make things happen in our lives. You can have all the thoughts in the world – like I had dollars, pounds and pennies, but if you don't have the right thoughts, you it won't do you any good. 

If you only focus on what you don't have, don't see, don't want, don't need The Creative Force Of the Universe – CREATOR, only hears just that... If you focus on your dreams, having quarters in my get quarters. Seeing the end result as Dr. Dyer put it not all the stuff in the middle, that is the key! 

Since that day I've been working on seeing the end result more and more. I've seen this so many times in my life where I would concentrate on something and it would happen. One of my happiest affirmations is “Always in the right place at the right time.” To quote one of my favorite teachers from afar, Denise Linn “And so it is.”

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year of 2015 - More Magic and Miracles

HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2015 To ALL of you who read this...Namaste..

The year of 2014 was numerologically a 7 year and indeed for me personally it was a year of building my faith on many levels. My faith in myself as well as Creator and Creator's plans for me and my life. Like many of you, I too have often wished that there was a road map, a guide book or some tool somewhere that would show me the steps to go in life. Sometimes it feels like we so very much want a Guide rope to follow along the paths of life so we don't slip. Indeed that is part of what my work is about helping others to see and know what may be on the horizons for them in the near future.
The funny thing about being a psychic is that we rarely get the vision for ourselves that we can tune into for others. It is a wonderfully interesting paradox and we too often wish for that map, guide book or guide rope along our way.

That was me during 2014 because so much of my life had felt like turmoil but in essence it was Creator working backstage Miracles in my life. Everything from my gut feelings leading me to join an amazing group of mostly women online, and who now I do truly consider some of them Soul Sisters, to my amazing journey in both the physical and the Soul with my driving half way across country. So much of 2014 was miracles big and small, truly life changing events on various scales.

We've brought in the year 2015 now. Some of us greeted it with a bang and bubbly, some of us with sound sleep knowing the new year would come whether we greeted it traditionally or not. This year of 2015 is a year of 8 numerologically. Eight is the infinity sign sideways. Eight is a number of prosperity and abundance and that can come in all forms of our lives. Whatever form it comes in for any of us, it all comes from our connection with Creator.

To me personally, this year of the 8 also is a tremendous year to be Great-Full. I've reached 50 years of age and at times in the year past, that to me is a huge blessing or blessings. I'm Grate-full for the loving care of The Creator and all that I've been lead to learn and come to know. I'm Grate-full for those now in my life as well as those who have passed through my life in many ways.

This Year of 2015 we have opportunities each of us to make it extraordinary in both large and small ways. Each little thing we do of service be it a smile or paying it forward makes it extraordinary. Each something we do to aid some other Being on Mother Earth is an opportunity to bring abundance in some form too. We each have also opportunities to receive because in receiving we allow the flow of Creator's Universal Being to move through us in so many ways. Whether it is help on the roadside or a lift up in our mood at the moment it is the Flow of Creator working through each of us in any given situation.

There is no abundance with out the giving and receiving and the flowing of whatever energy it takes. We each have a part in this and allowing this to be truly a year for allowing the fluidity of Miracles and Magic to transpire wherever we go....